Saturday, 16 June 2012

DBN 3 Babbedas 1809 Anglo Brits vs French

More action from the Peninsular now, this time the fictional Battle of Babbedas 1809.  The Anglo British force take on ze mighty French.  The town of Babbedas covers one flank & a valley wall covers the other.  Ze French would have the advantage with a few extra forces.

Anglo British 23 points
2 x General, 2 x Musket (E), 2 x Jager (E), 4 Musket (M) Portuguese, 2 x Light Cav, 2 x Light Cav (M) Portuguese, 2 x Artillery, 10 Musket

French 28 points
2 x General, 2 x Musket (E), 5 Light, 5 x Light Cav, 3 x Artillery, 12 Musket

We used the DBN attrition system. Red counter = 1 Hit, Black counter = 2 Hits & Shaken (-1 to rolls).  A third hit would destroy the element.   Amy took the Anglo Brits & yours truly ze French.  We also allowed Generals to remove hits based on 1 PiP per hit ~(no move that turn)

The Battlefield

Da French Battleplan = French Column attacks..... With a Cavalry diversionary action on the right.
British Artillery reduce the French to Shaken

The 95th take to the town!

Onwards Brave Frenchmen as the Artillery is blown away!

The French columns look awesome...

The French Light Infantry screen the advance.

The Portuguese Cavalry move forward

OOhh! The Portuguese Infantry are blown away.

Forward Frenchmen!

Crash Bang Wallop as the lines clash

The centre French column attacks the Elite British Muskets


It's a tough scrap but Ze French are recoiled

It's gonna be tough for the Portuguese!

The Cavalry scrap it out

The counters start adding up, it was a right pain keeping track

Smack goes the French column

Smack, the left column hits the Portuguese hard

The centre French column regroups & attacks again

A poor show for the French Cavalry

The attrition finally hits the Portuguese

In go the British

Boom! go the British guns

A hard round for the French, British firepower takes its toll

The line is finally broken!

It's a matter of numbers on the left now

Could the French take the Hill?

Running out of French troops on the right

British numbers count now...

Poor dice for ze Fench, another loss

Another British loss but will it be enough?

Like a wall of British Steel.....

Onwards Brave Frenchmen!!! be cut down by British Muskets!

The end is nigh!!!!!

Insult! The French Cavalry goes down with ze General....

Final positions for the Anglo British victory...

A cracking game, I'm really starting to enjoy DBN.  Amy is as she is winning.  To be fair, for a time I thought the French Columns would punch a big hole in the British line. They get a Whopping +3 on the attack dice.  Where did it go wrong, poor PiPs didn't help, I wasn't allowed to lift the pressure were Amy rolled well & placed her reserves into the holes in the line.  The French Cavalry was pants, but then again so were the British Rifles...

General PiPPin Von Krums
After Action Analysis

Always keep a reserve
French Column is Hard


tim said...

What a splendid looking game! Great Report! I really like the little explosion markers showing where elements were lost.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Tim, It did go well. The only real moan was keeping track of the Hits using the DBN Attrition system. Probably stick to the bog standard 'Recoil' game next time.

All the Best
MrF & Amy