Friday, 4 March 2011

1812 British Forces 2

PA! PA! InJuns a coming....
Our second batch of British Forces to repel the nasty Americans from taking over poor Canada!   First up are some mean looking Natives, allied to the British.  We bought these with the funds from selling some DBA armies - oooh I HATE selling figures that we have painted & put together.  It never feels right somehow.

British Naval Troops - Sailors & Marines

West Indies Regiment

British Rifles

Some British Cavalry now, Light Dragoons.  These started out as Brunswick Cavalry, a few conversions & a new paint job.  All they need now are some swords, as they have seen better days & lost the 'thin' metal ones.  The final pic shows some Hussars, although they didn't take part in the US campaign, these were left over on the shelf & would be a shame to waste.
British Dragoons

British Hussars


Chris said...


You mentioned giving some of the figures new swords. I've been trying to figure out how to do that! I know that some guys use a pin, but that doesn't look quite right, especially for figures in the 25mm range. What do you do?


MrFarrow2U said...

Now then Chris,

I'm going to try using cut swords from the left over laminated plastic odds n ends. I'll try using super glue at first, if it fails I'll use a dab of epoxy. I'll give it a try tonight.