Saturday, 19 September 2015

InvUSA 1922 - USA Strikes Back p2

The US Armored Regiment attacks, could they force the Commonwealth troops out of North Dakota?


The RAF attack the US Bomber

The Canadian Monster rumbles forward...

British troops surge through the town

The Tanks are about to engage

The 'DREADED BARRAGE' destroys some Infantry

Some respect back for the RAF

The Battlefield in full swing!

US 75's open up in support of the attack

The US Light Armor attacks with Air support

US Infantry attack the trenches, while Air attacks reign in

The North Dakota National Guard attacks the monster

US Armor attacks the trenches

US Air Power

In with the Bayonet!!!!

Some success for the US ground forces

However the British Armor gets the upper hand

More British Armor joins the fight

British Assault Troops attack the US Tank....

Slowly the US Armor is forced back



US Air Power is directed at the British Armor, but fails to make an impact

Could the Big Super Liberty Tanks make a difference?

One goes straight into the town

One US Fighter flees

Another US Light Tank is destroyed

It's a bitter struggle on the open plain

British Assault Troops pile in

The 'Wyatt Earp' Company attacks the Whippet...

British combined arms take effect!

The North Dakota National Guard is broken!

Could the US troops take the town?

The Indian Troops are hard pressed

Everything is piled in for a last attack

The US Air Force goes for the softer targets

Allies 4 years ago, now bitter enemies... US Infantry vs British Infantry

The US attack is fearsome

A good round for the US force!!


However the British Assault Troops swarm the US monster

Good PiPS & the 'Whippet' joins the fray

BOOM! The US Tank is destroyed & another command is broken....

With two commands broken the US Army is forced to retire!!!!

What now for North Dakota? Cricket pitches & Ice Hockey


Natholeon said...

On to Washington! (probably the state, it's a bit closer than the city)

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Natholeon. However I think this one is set for the peace table as the Canadian Military Budget will have been