Tuesday, 5 June 2012

DBN Peninsular French 1808-14

Here's our Peninsular War French Army, ready to give Sharpy & the lads a hard time.  Quite boring actually, not much variation in there.  The Army shown has all the options apart from the Jagers, anyone know what they are supposed to be & I'll add them, suggestions please....lol

It seems the Wargaming 'Mojo' has returned, I've even got out our 6mm Napoleonics out, with the aim of rebasing them & re-fighting the Leipzig Campaign, only 25 years after I started collecting them!!!

French Peninsular, 1808-1814.
0x1Ms(E), 4-8xMs, 1-3xMs/LI(Legere),
1-2xMs (Allies), 0-1xJg (Allies), 0-3xLC*, 0-2xNA.

Voltigeurs lead forward the French Column

French Dragoons

Dashing French Hussars

Hard French Grenadiers

French Voltigeurs skirmishing

French Artillery

Ze French General!


Big H said...

Hi love your site. As a newbie to DBA etc I find it inspirational, sparks the urge to go out and buy loads of lead and create armies for various periods all at the same time (sure the wife wont mind)
keep up the good work Mr F

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Big H! Glad we can give you some inspiration. DBN plays a nice game, as do all the KISR publications.

All the Best
MrF & gang