Monday, 14 March 2011

John Bull - Battle of the Raisin River 1813

Kentucky Militiamen.
Remember the Raisin!

Our second battle of the War of 1812.  This time the infamous Battle of the River Raisin or Frenchtown.
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The British forces consisted of the following companies, British Veterans, 2 x Canadian Militia, 2 x Indians, 2 x Field Guns.  The Americans consisted of 2 x Kentucky Militia, 2 x Regulars & some Kentucky Rifles.  The map below depicts the forces set-up. 

Battle Map

The Battlefield

The Americans would line up behind a fence

British troops

The British Veterans would take the centre

The American Right
Amy took the British forces, both flanks consisted of Canadian Militia & Indians.  They would try to outflank the Americans & the Veterans would be sent against the centre, fire support from the British Artillery.  The best Yank unit would be the Kentucky Rifles, with the US Regulars holding the right flank & the Kentucky Militia the left.

The American left flank

Sporadic firefights break out

The Indians close on the US Regulars

The Kentucky Rifles & British Veterans would fight it out

The British Vets took a hard pounding, note the Terror markers.

Kentucky Militiaman

First blood to the US, a Brit platoon is killed.

The assault on the US right

The US regulars occupy some buildings, however it reduces their firepower.

The Canadians attempt a charge, but are sent packing.

The Indians assault the buildings

The British Vets consolidate & throw off the Terror markers (no action for a turn).  They soon recoup their strength & let loose a volley forcing back the Kentucky Rifles.

The Indians force back the Kentucky Militia on the left

RRAaargh!! Out charge the US Regulars & go hand to hand with the Indians....

Disaster!!! The Indians thrash the Yanks....

Which results in the US Regulars breaking, pursued by blood thirsty Indians!!

The 'Dice Gods' shine for Amy & the Canadian Militia storm the other building wiping out all the US Regulars inside.

In go the Kentucky Militia!!!

However they are sent reeling back....

The positions, the US right flank has gone!!!

Amy wastes no time & the Indians are sent to cut off the Yanks....

'GIVE em THE STEEL'  The British Vets charge home....

Arrrgh, the Kentucky Rifles are broken & their retreat is cut off by the Indians... Scalp em time!

Final positions as the Americans collapse.....

The historic end for the American prisoners....

Well a sound whooping from a blood thirsty Amy & the Brits.  The Kentucky Rifles were holding their own until the collapse of the American left.  The British Vets took 3 Terror markers at one point, reducing their fighting ability by 75%.  To remove Terror markers a Unit must 'rest'  a complete turn while it's officers rallies the troops.  When they finally got back in the game they were awesome. 

A daft decision by me to charge out against the Indians, the turning point I think.  Plus the other building got stormed by the Canadians, a poor die roll & it was curtains for the Americans...  A good game though! Next time we'll get some Cavalry involved.

Friday, 4 March 2011

1812 British Forces 2

PA! PA! InJuns a coming....
Our second batch of British Forces to repel the nasty Americans from taking over poor Canada!   First up are some mean looking Natives, allied to the British.  We bought these with the funds from selling some DBA armies - oooh I HATE selling figures that we have painted & put together.  It never feels right somehow.

British Naval Troops - Sailors & Marines

West Indies Regiment

British Rifles

Some British Cavalry now, Light Dragoons.  These started out as Brunswick Cavalry, a few conversions & a new paint job.  All they need now are some swords, as they have seen better days & lost the 'thin' metal ones.  The final pic shows some Hussars, although they didn't take part in the US campaign, these were left over on the shelf & would be a shame to waste.
British Dragoons

British Hussars