Sunday, 22 May 2011


The fierce Boers, ready to put a stop to British influence in South Africa... we've put these together from mainly minifigs.  To bulk up the numbers, we've whipped some volunteers  from our ACW Confederates & slipped on a new paint job.  There's a lot of artillery as we'll be doing a lot of British Assault games.  Again we'll use DBC rules.  Now to paint up all the white crossbelts on the British....zzzzz

Ready to put a stop to the British

The Boer lads on horseback

Boer troops ready for skirmishing.

Big Artillery pieces

Smaller calibre Artillery, plus early machine gun.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice figures and basing!

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

It is an interesting little army, especially the range of different artillery it has at its disposal and the mobility its mounted arm gives it. I look forward to seeing it in action.

All the best,


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers fellas, thanks for the nice comments. Bob, we have a 1st Boer War game on the table now. A sort of condensed Majuba Campaign game. Nice & shiny red coats versus the Boers entranced on a hill. We'll use the Boer Artillery once I get the Khaki coated Brits painted up!

All the Best

myron.shipp said...

I based my Boers as 3 Rifle