Friday, 31 July 2015

More Napoleonics

Wash Out! Just like the British weather this month, July has been a complete wash out.  Work, Training Courses, School Holidays & 'days out' have all conspired to ruin the gaming front.  Hopefully we will get time in August to continue our 1922 USA campaign.

I've only been able to paint figures this month.  Like everyone else & that 'Waterloo' Napoleonics are the fashion this season & I've built on our existing Peninsular 15mm armies.  Some stunning purchases & new paint jobs to existing figures.  I visited the Durham Wargames Show back in June & managed to pick up a load of figures at the Bring n Buy.  The British Infantry below were one spiffing purchase.  Now based up & given the 'colours', they are now ready for the field.  Slightly bigger than 15mm, so they will make fine additions as Guards.

Apart from the Guards & Westphalians below, the rest are July paint jobs.  All are from the 'spare lead mountain'.   As per usual, what started as a few figures soon became many.  Currently there are 50 French Artillerymen on the painting table.  I've been looking at the DBN rules & decided on a few changes.  In DBN the standard army is on the grand scale.  One element being one Brigade.  I'm now aiming on one element being one Battalion size, so a standard army will be about a Division size.  Oh no, I've started another project.  Now to get that 'Are we there yet?' ditty out of my head.....

'The Guards' 

Chasseurs a Cheval

Westphalian Hussars & Polish Lancer

'Murat & chums', French command bases.

Westphalian & Baden Regiments

Polish Regiments

Dutch Infantry

Continental 'Division'.
1 General, 2 Cavalry & 12 Line elements

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