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DBN 'Battle of Bororos' 1808

The heroic army of his supreme catholic majesty King Ferdinand VII of Spain!

DBN action now, a standard game this time ze French vs ze Spanish.  The rules give 12 points for the French & 13 for the heroic Spaniards.  One point more due to the fact that the majority of the Spanish is 'of poor quality troops'.  My son Jack, 'arch nemesis' from our DBA days is now 19 (how time flies) & due to start at Durham Uni.  I managed to pursued him to have a game before he left & he took the heroic Spaniards.

12 pt French Army - General MrF

1 x Musket (Elite) 1.5 pts,
2 x Light 2 pts,
5 x Musket 5 pts,
1 x Musket (Militia) 0.5 pts,
2 x Cavalry 2 pts,
1 x Foot Artillery 1 pt

13 pt Spanish Army - Dastardly Generalissimo Jack

2 x Musket 2 pts,
2 x Light 2 pts,
4 x Cavalry(Militia) 2 pts,
12 x Musket (Militia) 6 pts,
1 x Foot Artillery 1 pt

Elite class get +1 combat hit/melee, Militia a -1 combat hit/melee.

The Battlefield was an open plain bordered by an Orchard/Town on one side, a church on the other.  Two large hills would form the other sides.  The hills being our scratch made efforts from polystyrene. I finally found some bright brown paint close enough in shade to the arid battle board we have.

Da plan, Jack & the Spanish were classed as the defenders & would hold the large hill, Light Troops & Cavalry heading for the Orchard.  The French the attacker.  A large column on the left, headed by the Elite Grenadiers supported by the Cavalry & Light infantry, then launch them at the weak Spanish line....  The right flank would hold & let the Spanish come to them.

The Battlefield with the main lines of attack

FORWARD! The mighty French Column heads off

mmmmm... The French Right looks pretty thin.

Spanish Cavalry & Light Infantry.

Wooa.. There's a humongous amount of 'French hating' Spaniards...

Go on the lads!!

Rumble in the Orchard

Jack sends some Spaniards to occupy the church.

But my right flank holds steady..

Jack looks puzzled by my lack of movement, but then launches his own attack.

Heroic Spanish Troops

Hordes of Spaniards slowly move forward

The French Light Infantry chase out the Spanish

The French Left are about to engage

The Spanish columns advance slooowly, I mock Jack
 'like a Bariatric challenged fellow, peddling uphill, on a unicycle, with a flat tyre, into a gale force wind....'

Cavalry Battle!

The French Right Flank  pivots to take the Spanish attack

However...  It's a long way to the other French Troops

This side of the battle is screaming out for some Cavalry

The French Column smashes through the Spanish line

Go on lads!

The French Light hold the Orchard

The superiority of the French Cavalry is enough to force back the Spanish

Another Spanish loss

Vive L'Empereur!!!
A BREAKTHROUGH for the French column

However the pondering Spanish columns march on


The French Breakthrough.  Units fan out to roll up the Spanish line.
However I don't choose a target for the French Grenadiers... Would I pay for that?

Aw bless..! The Spanish Columns come up short, only one reaches it target this turn.

With Victory near, I just need to blast these Spaniards away.
However Jack gets an overlap with those pesky Spanish Cavalry....

AAArghh! The Dice Gods abandon me....

NOOOOOO! The French Artillery fall asleep & are blasted away by the Spaniards....

The French Dragoons help out.

Poor combat rolls & the poor Spanish hold out.
Now my French troops look a bit surrounded...

The heroic soldiers of his supreme catholic majesty King Ferdinand VII of Spain pile in!!!

Victory to the heroic army of his supreme catholic majesty King Ferdinand VII of Spain!

Boney hears the bad news....
Ah well, I hate it when a good plan doesn't come together.  In come the taunts of the smug Jack, but I deserve   A good game, the balance was just right, it could of gone either way.

Web Pix== Spanish & Boney

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