Tuesday, 12 July 2011

InvUSA1863 Battle of Tylers Farm 3

The Union forces advance

The 'Black Hats' are ferocious...

Rebel Artillery finds it's mark

It's a 'Hornets Nest' in there... (I've heard that before)

BOOM! Rebel Guns again 

The 'Black Hats' sweep the cornfield..

AAaaargghh! One Rebel Division Breaks!!

Decent PiPs holds one Brigade in place.. The Horrors are whooping..

Yes, Quite...

The Brits arrive just in time...

The Heavy Brigade in action


The Battlefield overview

Jack & Amy are merciless in their advance...

The French Brigadier takes stock of the situation..

It takes an eternity for the Brits to deploy...

THE GUARDS! Finest troops in the world, they protect the British flank.

More Heavy Brigade action...

Huzzah! Now a Union Division Breaks!

OH! Look at that lovely open flank...

A few rounds of steadying the lines... Still no successful reinforcement roll for Jack & Amy though.

Yes, that's what we want..

The French square up to the Union troops...

Attack Attack Attack for Jack & Amy

The British troops hold....

...then unleash a devastating volley.

Another round & it's not good for the Union

Yes... Where is the Union 3rd Division?

Alas it's curtains for the Union, they're running back to Washington... 
Ha! Victory for the Euro Confederates!  A good game, it was back & forth.  A shame the Union 3rd Division didn't arrive, it would of made a BIG difference, Amy gives Jack a punch for his shocking reinforcement rolls...  Mind you it took an age for the Brits to Deploy, down to the poor Generals (we gave the Brits a -1 PiP modiifer).  Why no Union Cavalry, because the Horrors never picked any, they took extra Artillery, but couldn't get it in position to make a difference.

That maybe the last post for a while, our 8 year old computer is grinding to a halt so it looks like I may have to go & buy a new one...!



Cameronian said...

Well done! As entertaining and colourful as ever.


Cameronian said...

Well done! As entertaining and colourful as ever.


MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers mate! Thanks for the nice comments. I was starting to feel like no-one enjoyed our Invasion USA games.

All the Best