Thursday, 17 January 2008

DBA 1500-1900 Elizabethan English vs Irish/Spanish

Here’s another Battle Report, a real different period as well,
Elizabethan English vs Irish/Spanish Armies. DBA 1500-1900
Rules/Lists. This was a Double Sized DBA Battle with both forces
having 24 elements each. I was the English & Jack the Irish/Spanish.
It wasn't the standard rules of set-up either, we started at both ends
& just got on with it!

27. Elizabethan English, 1560-1620.
2x2LH, 2x3Cv (GEN demi-lances), 4x4Pk, 4x4Sh, 2x4Pk, 2 x 4Lb,
1x3Kn + 1x4Pk + 1x4Sh + Art, 2x4Pk + 1x4Bd + 1x4Pi(Landsknecht).

29. Irish 1487-1620.
2x2LH, 2x4Bd + 2x3Aux or 2xPk + 2x3Sh, 3x3Aux, 3x2Ps
(we subbed the 2Lh for 1CV + 1Bd)

20. Spanish, 1560-1609.
1x3Kn(Gen), 2x2LH (Stradiots), 1x4Pi , 4x4Pk, 4x4Sh.

(plus 2 Spanish Artillery, 2 Irish Aux + 1 Psiloi guarding the town)

I bought what I thought was a ECW Scots army, old Minifigs.
On closer inspection the figures turned out to be from an earlier
period…. Tudor/Elizabethan.

After a bit of research, out came the paints & we spruced them up a bit.
The Irish figures are in fact are Museum Minis bought as a Medieval
Welsh Army from Ebay.

The hills & forest are home made, the marsh from Essex Minis.
The board is a Terrain Mat.

Initial Setup – Irish & Spanish Guns defend the Town.
The Irish WarLord leads his men into battle.

The English Army marches in column

The Irish Army moves to defend the town

Close up of the Spanish Guns & Irish Warriors

The dastardly Spaniards arrive by Sea!

View from behind the Irish Lines

English columns line up with the Spanish in the distance

Spanish Light Horse try to flank the English Column

English Light Horse skirmish with the Irish Warriors as
the Main Force assembles

The Earl of Essex with his Knights

The Armies Line up, Irish/Spanish on the left – English the right

Spanish & English lines clash

Overhead view

From behind the English Lines

The Irish Warriors charge..!

The English edge it & force back the Spanish

The Spanish Foot rally & fight back

That pesky Spanish Light Horse has took the English Camp!!!
"Heeey Ingleesh we have captured your laydees!"

Battle of Spanish & English goes on

The Earl of Essex breaks through.

Final overview..the Irish/Spanish just edge it.

For all the guns & pikes it was the Irish Auxiliaries that made
the difference. Lots of them & their movement won the day.
I took too long trying to position the Army & then Jacks Irish
were straight in. AAhh he's 'whooped ' Dad again.

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