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InvUSA1863 Surprise at Black Creek

Late 1862, London, England.  The English Foreign Minister looked up from his papers, the smoke filled room was poorly lit, a wry smile passed his lips.  A dark & sinister setting he mused, yes very proper for what lay ahead.  In the ornate room, sat the ambassadors from France, Russia, Austria & Prussia.  A motley set of characters in fine dress. It had taken a lot of effort getting the Russians here, but their support was crucial.  The Prussians & the Austrians were not needed, but their support would be welcomed.  Yes, the upstart United States of America would soon be brought to heel.

The Minister took a few moments recapping the events that led them to this.  The sinking of the Trent by the US Navy, US aid to the rebels in Mexico, the extortionate US price on grain exports to Europe, the build up of US forces on the Canadian Border.  The brazen US Ambassador getting blind drunk at the Grand State Ball of the Queen, a few weeks ago.  The idiot had insulted the Queen in front of everyone, yes the Queen was not amused.  The officers of the Coldstream Guard had been…very harsh, when the Ambassador had been seized & dealt with.  His body was black & blue when he was ‘placed’ on the US ship returning to the States.

He took his time explaining the ‘English Plan’, when he finished, carefully he took in the expressions from everyone in the room.  “With our combined forces we can carve up the upstart United States he said.  “The country is vast & has multiple resources..”  The French Ambassador was a pure bystander; the Anglo-French alliance had been agreed to months ago.  It was England’s decision to involve the other nations.  “Why would Russia be part of this madness?” boomed the Russian Ambassador.  “When the Alliance takes on the United States in the East…” started the English Minister, “…ze West Coast of the United States would be undefended” finished the French Ambassador.  The Russian Ambassador stroked his chin, he knew the Tsar was still fuming over the Crimean episode & he planned his revenge on England.  However his mind raced, an invasion into an undefended United States was probably a lot less costly than invading British India

From the shadows a man emerged smoking a huge cigar, in a deep southern accent he boomed “Gentlemen, of course the Confederate States of America will provide every assistance in this venture & we would be very, very grateful”.

“What about the question of Slavery?” asked the Prussian Ambassador, the English minister winced.  “When the War is over, of course with a Southern victory, then we shall free the slaves”.  The Prussian Ambassador knew it was a lie, but he did not care, Prussia had nothing to loose & it would give them time to build the Prussian Army, whilst the French looked elsewhere.

After an hour of debate, the meeting ended, the minds of all parties racing with the endless possibilities for his countries advancement.  Within a month, the secret treaty had been signed by all sides, carefully & secretly the great nations of Europe readied for War. 

I've been wanting to run this campaign for a while now.  Inspiration from the Historical Miniatures MidSouth & their Battle of Nashville Scenario :

However in our Parallel universe, ALL of Europe rise up against the Union!! It's more to do with the amount of Union troops we have than anything else...  :o) We will use the DBACW rules as well.  Of course it's total nonsense, but hey isn't gaming fun?

First up then, Anglo French force break through the Union Sea barricade & land in Virginia.  JEB Stuart leads forward an Advance Guard of Confederate & European Cavalry.  Word has barely reached the Union land forces before 'Euro Confederate' horsemen are plundering into Union territory.  In this scenario the Union is caught on the hop & must defend the crossing.   Amy took the Union troops.  

Euro Confederates (2 commands)
JEB Stuart General, 6 x Confederate Cav, 
British General (sub general), 4 x British Cav, 2 x French Cav

Union Forces (2 commands)
General, 3 x Infantry, 4 x Cavalry.
Sub General, 6 x Cavalry (require activation roll 6 - 1st round, 5 2nd round etc)

The Battle of Black Creek

Union Infantry guard the crossing

JEB Stuart leads forward the Confederate Cavalry

The Anglo French advance..

Good PiPs & the Union Cavalry react quickly.

The Union Infantry stand ready...

Amy rolls a six & the Union Reserves are activated. 


Back go the Rebs!!

Union rifle power forces a Recoil!!


Reb & Union Cavalry clash...

The Union infantry is cut to pieces...

JEB Stuart leads forward his men

The Union Cavalry dash to deploy...

British Cavalry cross Black Creek...

It's a mighty scrap for Bigville!!

More casualties...

Battle overview at this point.

Again Union troops force back the British.

The Euro Confederate force swamps the Union troops


Down goes the Union Infantry

It's not looking good for the Union force

The Confederate troops take the camp...

First blood to the Euro Confederates!!!!

A tough scenario for the Union troops that one. We'll alter roles in the campaign as we go along.  Hopefully we can drag the sulky Jack back into gaming....

Next time.... SAN FRANCISCO BURNS!!!  The Russian Bear stakes a claim to California...

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