Friday, 12 September 2008

Victorian British in the Sudan 1883-85 (1)

Big moustaches, dodgy sideburns & lovely hats....
No!!! It's not a 'Village People' reunion, it's 'The British in the Sudan'. We finally got them finished, so here are a few pics. This Army represents the listing in the DBA 1500-1900 extensions.

4xRifle; 2x Muskets[natives]; 1x Cannon; 2x Knights; 1x LtHorse;
1x Rifle or Jager; 1x Cannon or Jager; 1x Leader.

The Army shown here is a direct interpretation of the list above. I've um'd & ar'd about it & we'll adjust it to cover the battles fought. I've got a copy of the terrific 'War in the Sudan 1884-1898 A Campaign Guide' by Stuart Asquith (Partizan Press), which has great lists & maps of the battles fought.

British Army in the Sudan 1883-85

From the far right of picture, Hussars(Cavalry), Egyptians(Musket), Royal Marine(Jager),
Gatling Gun, Artillery & Limber!
Hussars, Bengal Lancers(instead of Light Horse), British Infantry(Rifles) & General

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