Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Crimean War Brits

Our forces for the Crimean War are coming along nicely.  The British are completed, apart from flags (our colour printer has ran out of ink, there's another cartridge for an horrendous amount of cash...ggrr).  The French has been put together, pics of them later.  The Russians are on the paint table now & hopefully will be completed in a couple of weeks.

Here are some pics of the British force, first up personalities from Eureka Minis available from Fighting 15's.  They are 18mm and obviously BIG next to 15mm, but I reckon we can get away with them.  Anyway they are a lovely figure to paint.

The cavalry are shown next, we just need some more Heavy Dragoons to finish off the Heavy Brigade.  Plus there's some artillery, I've been obsessed with collecting limbers for every artillery piece.  Odd as limbers play no part in DBx rules, but there you go & they look nice.

Eureka 18mm Crimean War British Command

Raglan & Lucan 

CARDIGAN! & naughty Nolan

ADC & Scarlett

The Light Brigade in all their glory.
(They've been put together from odd leftover figures).

"NO NOLAN that won't do!" 

Scarlett leads forward the Heavy Brigade.
Royal Horse Artillery provide support.

Royal Horse Artillery looking lovely.

Foot Artillery

The Fine & Dandy Naval detachment.

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