Sunday, 22 March 2009

WW1 British (BEF 1914)

Hitting the HUN where it hurts!!!!

Here's a 12 element WW1 Army for Hordes in the Trenches. This variant is based on Hordes of the Things and is available by joining the 'When Technology meets Tradition' Yahoo Group......*

This Army is based on the British Expeditionary Force that left blighty to give the Hun 'a sound good thrashing' in 1914. It was based on the standing British Army of the time, although it was called 'that contemptible little army' by the Kaiser, it managed to hold it's own against the mighty German Army that invaded Belgium & France. In a fighting withdrawl Sir John French's BEF faced annihilation a few times but managed to fall back 200 miles keeping one step ahead of the Germans. Here's a link to the Battle of Mons, so you can read more about it.

Also you could try watching this cracking DVD about the BEF & the Battle of Mons. It's a Cromwell Productions DVD.

Most of the figures are Minifigs, some I think are Irregular as well. The Machine Gunners & Artillery crew are wearing steel helmets - sorry I know it's 1916 for them, but you an only go with what you have! We'll replace them when we can.

The British Expeditionary Force 1914

British Cavalry

Vickers Machine Gunners

British Artillery & Highland Infantry

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