Tuesday, 27 December 2011

DBA Mamluks vs Crusaders

Mamluks advancing.
Back to basics now, DBA Battle between the Mamluks & Crusaders.  Amy took the Crusaders & yours truly the swish Mamluks.  History bit = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninth_Crusade

Amy took Knights, Spears & Bows.  The Mamluks are Cavalry heavy, extra wise I went for Light Horse, Psiloi & Hordes to guard the camp.

Da Battlefield
1st turn, Mamluk Psiloi race for the Oasis.

Strangly Amy put her Spears on the flanks...

Amy's Knights came on in the same old style....
Boo! 4 Crusaders onto 2 Mamluks
1st Kill MAMLUKS!!! RaHoo!
The Mamluk Light Horse strike.

AAarrgh! The Crusaders push back the Mamluk

Amy's Hospitallers strike back...

Busy Battlefield, units colour coded for ease of view
The Crusaders make it two kills.
Oh Yea!!!!
A mistake by Amy, the countdown to the end begins...

Amy redoubles her efforts & even sends out some Knights to the camp

2-2 Game On!
In go the Crusaders Spears!
RRRaaargh! Crusader Power!

Back come the Mamluks...
Attack the Camp!
Medieval Total War 2 moment.....

It's been along time since we've played standard DBA, that was a fun game.  The Mamluks are one of my favourite armies, the Crusaders one of Amy's.  It was a poor set-up by Amy at the start, obviously out of practice.  Until the next time!  Now a word from the latest addition to our 'Hound Pack'....

General Pippin Von Krum's

After Action Analysis

"To crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, hear the lamentation of their women!"
"Always Guard your Camp, Don't put heavy Infantry on the Flanks!!"

Sunday, 18 December 2011

HITT Turkey vs Russia Sarikamish 1915

We've finally managed a game after many months in exile.  I was watching Channel 4's 'The First World War' the other day & I was fascinated by the Turkish Invasion of the Caucasus & the events leading from it.  Basically they got whooped & sadly it led to the Armenian Genocide, not a nice piece of history.. but you can read more here


Anyway the game, we are still restricted on game board size since we've moved rooms around.  A standard board size with the Russians taking 25 points & the Turks 27 points.  I took the Russians & opted for Infantry heavy, two Mg's, 1 Artillery & 2 Cavalry.  Pasha Amy took the Turks & went for 1 Artillery, 4 Cavalry & the rest Infantry.  The Turks would be the attacker, the main action would be for the Russians to hold a village.

Pasha Amy would waste no time in the attack

The Russian defence

The Turkish Hordes

The Turkish general staff with German advisor.

Russian general staff

WWwwaaaarrggghh!  Turks Attack...

Amys Turks swarm the village
On the other flank, the Turks wait for the Russians in the orchard.

Cavalry scrap!!!
A tough fight for the village
A Russian Mg bites the dust & here an Infantry element too.

Hopefully I can get back in the game..

The Turkish Cavalry get the upper hand..

Numbers count, victory for Amy.

The village is ours!

Russian troops

Well whooped again, things don't change then.  Numbers count, I went for the extra Mg's but they never got into play.  Amy wasted no time & went for the kill. 

Friday, 18 November 2011

HITT WW1 French

We got this lot painted up before the 'decorating', I'd forgotten that they had been photographed.   Again these are cheap unpainted/part painted buys from EBay.  We then touched them up & varnished them.  I think the figures are mainly Minifigs.  The French tank paintwork is courtesy of the Landships website http://www.landships.freeservers.com/

Ze French Attack!

Tanks, Stormtroops & Infantry

The MONSTER St.Chamond Tank!

Number 1 = Schnieder Ca.1

Number 2 = Schnieder Ca.2

Renault FT.17

French Assault Troops

French Infantry & Mortars

Machine Gunners

Ze Artillery!