Thursday, 14 June 2012

DBN British Peninsular 1812-14

A few extra  units & here is our later British Peninsular Army.

0-1xMs(E), 4-6xMs, 0-1xJg(E),0-2xMs/LI (1 may be E),
0-2xLC* (2nd may be KGL), 0-1xHC, 0-2xNA,0-1xLC(M) (Allies),
1-2xMs(M) (Spanish), 2-4xMs (Portuguese),
0-2xLI (Cacadores), 0-2xGs, 0-2xIC(Mounted Guerrillas).

Portuguese & Spanish

British Muskets, Rifles & Cavalry

The Guns, both Foot & Horse

Light Dragoons & Royal Horse Artillery Limber

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