Saturday, 3 October 2009

Crimean War Teaser

Few piccies of our current project, The Crimean War. We've got enough figures for 36 element Armies. Below are some of the figures for the British and French Armies. They are all 15mm, various manufacturers, apart from a few 18mm from Eureka Minis via the Fightin 15's website. Plus we plan to do a 'Charge of the Light Brigade' Scenario. To do this we'll add a few more elements for the Light & Heavy Brigades. The Infantry are nearly complete, just need to attach some flags. Then we'll crack on with the Russians.

British Infantry

The Guards! Big 18mm fellas from Eureka

Chasseurs D'Afrique back row. Heavy Brigade centre row. Light Brigade the Front row.


Steve Turner said...

I'm not a fan of the Crimean War. Too many -1 British commanders for my liking.
(And I'm never comfortable with wars in which Britain is allied to the French - it's just not natural to my mind).

Still, as usual, I look forward to reading your battle reports Mr F.


CWT said...

That's an excellent little set you've got there! Most impressive, and it must take you a fair while to paint them all so well!

Keep up the good work,

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Fellas

The Scots Greys and Guards are 18mm from Eureka and a joy to paint. But they fit in well against the other 15mm figures. I was very impressed with Fightin 15's, nice comms and quick delivery.

The Crimean Campaign was a spur of the moment thing, I read a DBA article on the Crimean in an old Wargames Illustrated (oh dear what have they done to that magazine now....?) plus I was looking at the Order of Battle in Ospreys Balaclava and we can easily convert them into an 36 Element DBA game. So off we go again, just need the time for some painting and gaming!!

However, I've been sidetracked again. We ran a DBA Gauls vs Germanics game (on our other site) and started thinking about other French/German clashes. We've got a Medieval game on the table at the moment. Plus I'm looking into the SYW and I reckon we can morph our AWI forces into some Prussian and French European Armies..... Ah what fun!

heath said...

Gota get ya lists Ive managed to grab 2x12 stand armies....very keen to see what ya came up with cheers heath

MrFarrow2U said...

Hello Heath. Thanks for the nice comments. We used an article from Wargames illustrated number 101. I put the page on our Calamita Bay Scenario listed here on on the blog==

It's got what you are looking for & will get you gaming. Wargames Illustrated ran a series of articles for DBA rules/army lists relating to different periods, over a few years.

All the Best & let me know how your games goes!