Wednesday, 15 April 2009

HITT - Germany vs Russia 1914

The setting, East Prussia 1914, the Russian Hordes have invaded & caught the German Army with it's pants down.... Another bash at the rules, this time using the Barrage element & bigger forces. The Germans would be defending the Bridges on the River, while the Russian Army attempts to force a crossing. Victory for the Russians would be to destroy 4 German elements and capture a bridge.

German forces consisted of an Infantry and Jaeger Battalion, each 4 Rifle element and a Machine Gun element. Plus 2 Cavalry, 1 Artillery and 1 Leader.

Russian forces consisted of two equal sized Infantry Battalions consisting of 4 Rifle, 1 Artillery & 1 Machine gun. A 5 element Cavalry Regiment with a Machine Gun support. One leader base & the dreaded Barrage element.

The Battlefield, one German Battalion covers the North of the River, the other races to defend the South. One Russian Battalion will arrive a few turns into the game.

BOOM! Jack rolls a 6 for PiPs and here comes the Russian Barrage....

My PiPs are rubbish & it's back to Jack. On moves the Barrage...

The Russian Cavalry sneak round the wood.

The other Russian Infantry Battalion arrives.

The Barrage moves on & forces back the Germans.

The Russian forces in the North get ready to assault the bridge.

Hoorar! I roll a 6 for PiPs & German Counter Battery fire ends the Russian Barrage.
BOOOO! Jack rolls a 6 & it's back on......

German rifle fire puts an end to the Russian Cavalry attack.

I re-deploy the German Cavalry to cover the North.
The German Artillery is too far back, 'Forward!'

The Russian Barrage is brutal on the Germans, the Infantry cross the river.

The Russians cross the River in the South.

German rifle fire forces back the Russians.

The Barrage rolls on, the German Cavalry arrive in time to be cut to pieces......

Oh no... I know what's coming......

Down go the German Cavalry, the Russian advance is.... 'Impressive.'

Jack pushes his luck & sends forward the Russian Cavalry,
but they are cut down by German rifle fire.

The Russian Infantry force the Germans out of the Wood.

Hoorar! German Jaegers force back the Russians.

Hoorar! German Machine Gun fire cuts down the Russians...

The Jaegers are caught by the Barrage, Victory for the Russians.

Good game, Good game, Jacks 'whooping' out loud once more. Well that was impressive, Barrages are very deadly - as they should be! I must admit you did get a feel for their destructive capability. Once again, we're impressed with Hordes in the Trenches. Next game, hopefully get some Aircraft & Gas elements used. Incidentally, the Barrage element is made from the material in 'Flames of War' Smoke & Flames pack.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

WW1 Middle East British

Here's our WW1 Middle East British Army. This lot will be the 'core' army, we still need to add some other elements such as Armoured Cars, Trucks & Command. These are on order from Minifigs (who seem to have the biggest 15mm WW1 selection around), hopefully these will arrive soon...... Also I'm pondering adding some Aussie Light Horse from Eureka. Air Support will come from Skytrex, a BE2 & Bristol Fighter, still awaiting a build & paint job.

This lot are a mixture of Essex, Minifigs, Irregular & some I can't identify. All painted by the Fazzies, both Jack & Amy helped & finished off with a brown poly dip varnish.

Ready to give 'Johnny Turk' a sound thrashing.


British & Ghurka Infantry. British Lancers.

British Artillery, Indian Lancers.

British & Indian Infantry.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

How's it going MrF?...April 09

Time has been very short lately, all those constant interruptions to gaming!! I've been banished to the back room & have been busy organising, building & painting our World War One Armies. Hopefully we'll be able to get some DBA games played shortly, though looking out of the window today it's a bright sunny day.... Plus I can hear the dulcet tones of 'She who must be obeyed'....CLEAN up the Garden!!!..... Oh well, maybe next week.

First up, we've painted four elements of German WW1 Jagers. These will enhance the dreaded Hun force that we already have. Just need a HMG & we'll have a nice Jager Battalion.

Finally got some planes ordered from Skytrex. To cover all the periods we intend to play, I went with some of the bog standard planes. Fokker Eindeckers, a DH2, a BE2, a FE2 and a Bristol Fighter. They come in kit form along with decal transfers, a bit fiddly putting them together but they have painted up rather well. Up to now just got the Fokkers & the DH2 finished.

Been busy with the Tanks as well. Here's a Mark IV, given the MrF finishing, based & ready for action. Our Germans are Early War with Pickelhaubes & the first time the British used tanks was at the back end of the Somme 1916. Of course the Germans had replaced their helmets then. I'll just have to live with that oddity for now as funds won't stretch for a new Late War German Army.....

Now then, don't you love it when an opportunity comes along. I was out shopping with the 'Horde' the other day & we wandered into one of those Bargain Stores. When the little'uns were looking at the toys, I saw some small tanks. It was the tank from the Indiana Jones movie - Last Crusade. Turns out it is a converted Mark VIII. Although it didn't see action in the war, a few bits of conversion..... Well I'm happy with it & it will do. The cost £1.50 each, what a bargain! I bought four, 2 for the Allies & 2 will do for captured German Tanks.

Here's the British Box & the German Box. Armies nearly complete. Just waiting for some Minifigs figure to arrive. Leaders & Artillery Crew types.

British Middle East forces in progress & the dreaded Turks.