Tuesday, 26 August 2014

DBR Scots Covenanters

Painting & collecting again, here's a bunch we've had sitting around for donkeys.  Scots Covenanters, about a 200 point army in DBR.  About a double sized army for the DBx Humberside rules.

C-in-C  = Pistols (I) @28 AP,
2 x Horse = Pistols(I) @8 AP,
2 x Horse = Lancers (I) @10 AP,
2 x Moss Troopers = Light Horse(O) @ 5 AP,
8 x Musketeers = Shot(O) @ 6 AP,
6 x Pikemen = Pike(I) @ 3 AP,
2 x Highlanders = Warband (O) @ 4 AP,
2 x Highlanders = Shot(F) @ 6 AP,
2 x Demi-Culverin = Artillery (O) @ 20 AP

Flags are by Wargames Design...

The impressive Covenanters

Front view

Shot in front, Highlanders & Lancers in the next row

The opposite side

The Scots Cavalry

Highlanders, Shot & Warband

Scots Artillery

The fearsome Border Horse

Scots Pike

Nice little camp

Lovely flags
 They are available for sale....

Friday, 15 August 2014

DBA Early Crusaders vs Ayyubid Egyptian

Greetings!!!  It's been far to long, but we've managed to have a game of DBA.  To be fair the horrors are growing up & doing what teenagers do.   Gaming has been non-existent, so what has MrF been up to?  Creating, painting & SELLING DBA Armies, a shed load as well.  Keeps an interest in the hobby & raises funds for other projects too.  Though my eyesight & steady painting hand aren't what they used to be...old fart.

Anyway, Early Crusaders vs Ayyubid Egyptians, turned out to be a very short game indeed. Amy took the Early Crusaders, recently created by ourselves.

Jerusalem is in sight! God Wills It!

Mighty Ayyubids

Crusaders, Knights & Spears abound

Gotta love the Ayyubid Cavalry

Frankish Knights advance


There's no open flank for the Light Cavalry

THUD!  First blood to the Crusaders!

Kapow! Another Kill...

The battle is in full swing..

God Wills It!  The road to Jerusalem is open....

Well MrF came on in the same old style, so Amy whooped him in the same old style.......

General PiPPiN Von Krums Post Match Analysis...

MrF sucks at rolling dice....

The Early Crusaders are up for grabs on EBay........

MrF's other Auctions........