Friday, 30 January 2009

DBA Boxer Reb.2 - 'Relief at Lofa Station'

Game 2 of our Boxer Rebellion campaign. Admiral Seymour has left a small garrison at Lofa Station. However the train journey is cut short. After some minor scuffles the way to Peking is blocked. Instead the Expedition sets off on foot to Peking & a detachment is sent to Lofa Station, after reports that a Boxer attack is imminent on the tiny garrison left holding it.

Game objectives, the Allied player (Jack) must try & ‘rescue’ the two elements stranded in Lofa Station, destroy the two Boxer Cannons deployed against them, destroy the two Boxer camps & capture the River Ford. The Boxer player should try to thwart the Allies without loosing too much of the Boxer Army.

Again the Boxers would have a much higher breakpoint than normal. Most of the Boxers would be deployed on the table. However some would be ‘hidden’ waiting to ambush ‘The Foreign Devils!’

Battlefield Overview

Lofa Station, British Naval detachment hold up in the buildings.

Straight down the Road! Would it be that simple?
One of the Boxer cannons is ready to give the Allies a warm welcome

Boxer Cannon up close

Good Pips for Jack & his Allied troops advance

BOOM! The Boxer attack begins. The Red Lanterns advance...
But rapid firepower sends some of the Crazy Chinese Ladies fleeing from the battle!!

Well spotted! Royal Marines Jagers spy the waiting Boxers!

Another Big Boom & this time it’s the Royal Marines legging it…

The stout Russians advance into the Cannon fire, but recoil back.

BANG! CRASH! WALLOP! The meagre building can only take so much,
down it comes & the British Sailors have to fall back.

Jack is persistent, on go the Russians till they reach Rifle range
& have a shoot out with the Boxer Cannon.

Back go the Boxers!

Boxers Sniping pushes back the Germans

Battlefield Overview, poor PiPs & it’s a struggle to move for both sides.

mmmmmmmmm BOOM!! Another building is blasted away!

The Germans respond with ferocious Rifle fire &
the Boxer Jagers recoil into the deep forest never to be seen again!!!

The Boxer Cannon is still firing & causing trouble.

Reinforcements, here come the French & American Marines!! HooRAR!

The Germans & Russians dig deep

SHA! SHA! SHA! In go the Boxers, they may be trouble ahead…..

GGrrrrrr!! Down go the Germans, but the Russians stand firm.

The Punjab Frontier force race to the rescue & plug the gap.
Meanwhile the Russians have ‘bayonet charged’ the Boxer Cannon.

(TETRIS theme playing).....

At Lofa Station, in go the Boxers!

Some Boxers fall to British Rifle fire.

HA!!! It’s time to commit more hidden Boxers!!

It’s Sikh versus Boxer……

…..NO, it’s close but the Sikhs win!!!!

The Allies are slowly forcing their way to Lofa Station.

God PiPs for Jack & the Navy Boys at Lofa Station go on the attack.

One Sikh detachment versus 4 Boxer Fanatics……

Boxers are cut down by precise Rifle fire.

RaHoo! The Sikh’s are masters of close quarter fighting too.
AAaaaargh… The Boxer force are slowly being cut down.

SHA! SHA! SHA! The Boxers cut down some of the Navy boys at Lofa Station

Jack sends the Sikh’s to Lofa & he uses the combined Marines to mop up.

But with ruthless efficiency he turns the Sikh's &
takes out the last Boxer attacker.

Oh dear! With that the Boxer General orders a retreat….

So close… The Boxers manage to hold the Ford, a Camp & retain a Cannon.
A hasty defence of the river is set up.

Although the casualties are high for the Boxers, that was very close. A couple of the hand to hand combats could of gone the Boxers way and….well it may have been a very different result. We’ll put that one down as a Marginal victory to the Allies. But I’m proud of the Boxer Mob, they’ve nearly pulled of a surprise win. That was a better game, much closer & a bit of tension crept in on some of those combats.

‘The Boxer General nods in satisfaction, he knows that the next encounter with the Foreign Devils will include the Boxers & the Imperial Chinese Army!! HA HA HAAA…” .

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