Friday, 30 March 2018

DBN 27 'Jerome in Russia' Boganov Xroads 1812

A series of linked DBN games with the Westphalian Army led by Jerome Bonaparte.  Spav took a shine to the Westphalian Army that I recently put together.  He takes the role of Jerome leading the advance into Russia, could he perform better than the woeful Jerome?

The first scenario is a simple enough one, take the cross roads at the village of Boganov.   The Westphalians would have a mighty 16 points, with a couple of Elite units thrown in.   However replacements would be minimal so losses taken in one game, may or may not be made up.   The initial Russian force (yours truly) would be made up of lighter troops, any troops escaping would appear in the following games. 

Some of the Russian troops guarding the village of Boganov would be Levee en Masse in fortifications. They would be static troops 'fixed'  in place for the game.  The Russians deployed first.  A hill dominated the left side of the battlefield, a wood the right.  A couple of fields would hamper vision, 100 paces firing range.  The Cossacks were placed on both sides of the fields, the 'Levee en masse' defended the village, the main Russian troops were massed along the North/South Road.

Russians - General MrFski (+1 CaP) 14  Points
4 x Muskets, 4 x Light Infantry, 1 x Horse Artillery, 3 x Levee en Masse, 6 x Irregular Cavalry.

Westphalians - King Jerome (-1 Cap), 16 Points
8 x Muskets, 2 x Light Infantry, 1 x Foot Artillery, 1 Guard Muskets(E), 1 x Heavy Cavalry(E), 2 x Light  Cavalry.

A strong Westphalian thrust on the left & the middle. 

Boganov, defend the Motherland!

King Jerome looks on,  the Westphalian 'Elite' Guard & Cuirassiers stand close by....

The Westphalian Light Infantry attack the wheatfields, Muskets in support.

Cossacks on the prowl.

The Westphalians advance rapidly on the left

The Cossacks scatter, but the flank is held by the Russian Horse Artillery. 
They inflict major casualties on the Westphalian Light Cavalry.

The battle for the wheatfields proves to be a standoff. 
Poor CaPs hinder the Westphalian advance.


The stand off continues..

The 'Levee en Masse' engage in combat, they have to make a morale roll & peg it!!!

Hold the line...

Will Spav commit his Elites..?

The Westhalian Light Cavalry are pinned on the hill,  the attack in the centre gains momentum.

Super Smashing Lovely! Westphalian Cuirassiers..

A Column ploughs into a Line.

The Westphalian Light Infantry are 'King of the Wheatfields'.
The Russian Lights are withdrawn, followed by a Westphalian element.

Oh dear!  It's not going well, Redeployment of the Cossacks...

The Combats go in the favour of the Westphalians...

Bah humbug...

There's a gap in the Russian centre.

CaPs start to flow, another Westphalian Column piles in...

Spav needs his Cavalry to exploit the gap...

A few Russian units are sent to the rear, hopefully they will escape from the field.

A good CaP roll for Spav, both the Light & Heavies will attack...

I throw in the Cossacks to stem the tide.....

..... however they are pants!

AAaArggh! In go the Westphalian Hussars...

Fortunately they only force back the Cossacks, not destroy them.
It gives the Russian Army another round to escape....

The Westphalians are winning, but poor CaP rolls restrict their advance...

The last Russian Infantry is sacrificed to allow the bulk of the forces to escape...

All the Levees, 2 Muskets, 1 Light infantry & 3 Cossack elements were lost.
Still it could of been a lot worse for the Russians!!!
A nice skirmish to open our Russian Campaign with.  It was going to be hard to fend off the Westphalians, a pity I couldn't destroy just one element....  Never mind a good chunk of the Russians survived, including the Horse Artillery.  Spav is content with his victory, however he admits poor CaP rolls restricted his armies movement.  Jerome's '-1' CaP modifier will be a real pain for the remaining games...