Thursday, 26 March 2020

TY Battle 5 - Wankendorf Hard Pounding

T-64's prepare to advance on downtown Wankendorf.

If any of our games can echo the famous words from Wellington, then it is this one.   We have fallen for the Team Yankee rules in a big way, very simple & fun to play.  They still capture the 'lethality' of modern combat though.   (The rule mechanics are sound & it also means we will be running WW1 & WW2 games using 'Flames of War', but that's another story).  We changed sides for this one, I got to play the Brits & Spav took the Soviets.

"The initial Soviet Recon at Wankendorf was repulsed.  An attack in force is planned, 6 hours after the initial probe.  Soviet Artillery has flattened the approach to the Town, however the British Recon force re-deployed before hand.

A Soviet Tank force, complete with attached support, Artillery & Air assets take to the field.   A British Mechanized Company are sent to slow the attack".
Soviet OOB - 100 points
Core force
T-64 HQ x1 (armed with songster)
T-64 Platoon (5 tanks)
T-64 Platoon (5 tanks)
BMP-1 Mech Platoon (7 afv + infantry)
BMP-1 Mech Platoon (5 afv + infantry)
SA-9 Gaskin AA Platoon (4)
ZSU 23-4 Shilka AA Platoon (2)

Recon remnants
T-72 HQ (1)
T-72 Platoon (4)
BMP-1 Mech Platoon (4 afv + infantry)
BMP-1 Recon (4)

Carnation Artillery (3)
Hinds Attack Helos(2)
Frogfoot Ground attack (2)

British OOB - 98 Points
Core force
Mech HQ x1 (armed with songster)

Chieftain  Platoon (3 tanks)
Mech Platoon (7 afv + infantry)
Mech Platoon (5 afv + infantry)
Tracked Rapier AA Platoon (4)
Swingfire (4)

Recon remnants (arrive after turn 2)
Recce HQ (2)
Scorpion Troop (4)
Scorpion Troop (4)
Spartan Support Platoon (4 afv + infantry)
Chieftain  Platoon(3)

Forward Observer
Abbot Artillery (4)
Harrier Ground attack (2)
Blowpipe AA Platoon (4)

The Battlefield, the Soviet force would attack in force on their left flank.

'Old Man Wagners' farm would see the brunt of the action.
(With a T-64 here, a T-64 there, Old Man Wagner had a farm... sorry!)

The approach to Wankendorf, major buildings have been destroyed by Soviet Artillery.

The industrial area, still showing the destroyed hulks of the previous battle.

Swingfire's & a Milan Platoon cover the hill.

A Mech Platoon are defending the woods.

Chieftain's "Bill & Bert" cover the main road into Wankdendorf.

The remnants of the Soviet Recon Force advance towards the industrial area.

Soviet Anti-Air take up a central position. 

A T-64 platoon advance through the farm land.

Soviet Aircraft arrive & attack the Swingfire's.


British Artillery...

...& Soviet Artillery.
Those are the only mention I will make, as they both performed woefully throughout the fight.

British Anti-Air, Tracked Rapiers

British Blowpipe's, both units performed heroically!

BOOM!!!! A Frogfoot is taken out by British Anti-Air.

One Swingfire was knocked out by the remaining Soviet Aircraft.

The BMP-1 Platoon hugs the terrain.

However on the British turn, missiles fly across the field....

One of the T-64's is also destroyed.

Soviet Hinds attack!
Both are promptly blown out of the sky by missiles.... 

Another T-64 platoon advances.

The Infantry from the destroyed BMP's attack the woods.

The Soviet Recon force advances very wearily...

Small arms fire breaks out. 


The British turn, Harriers 'screech' onto the Battlefield.

Lovely, lovely, lovely...

However Soviet Anti-Air is just as good as the British.
One Harrier is blown to bits.

Cluster Bombs litter the fields...

"Bill & Bert" are enjoying the view....

A Soviet BMP-1 platoon advances.

OOOrrah!  The Basketball Court is captured...

Fighting is heavy on the Soviet left.

Small Arms fire continues.

Slowly the Soviet Infantry push back the Brits.

A ton of dice are!

Only one Infantry casualty on the Soviet right flank though.

The British turn & the remaining Harrier is destroyed.

The Milan is a devastating anti tank weapon.....

Spav is shaking his head, the attack is not going well.

The British Infantry pull back & a Chieftain Troop take up positions.

Chieftain Stillbrew HQ (Heroics & Ros)
The tough Soviet lads advance

The remaining T-64's advance, but they will run into the Chieftain's.

The T-72's knock out a Scorpion & take on a Chieftain.

The Chieftain is destroyed.

'Swingfire & Milan' hill is neutralized.....

The Soviet left flank attack.

On the Soviet right flank, even the Shilka's are adding to the firepower.

British turn, a loud groan comes from Spav...
The British Recon force returns....

They hit the T-72's in the flank.

The Chieftain's make short work of the T-64's.

Slam, Dunk!!
Spav throws in the towel.....

'They came on in the same old way......!
Wow, what a bloodbath.  I thought my defeat in the first game was a sound spanking...  Never mind, we both learned lessons from this game.   We both agreed it was a good game, it captured the feel of modern combat.

I forget to mention that we also played a reduced scale for both Wankendorf games.  We shortened the distances for movement & combat.  For example 16" became 16 centimetres...  We felt it enhanced the 6mm scale.  We will mull over what we thought of this for our next TY game.

Taking pictures of 6mm games is very time consuming, it is really difficult getting the level of detail that normally makes up a good picture.   Battle reports are taking much longer to edit.