Sunday, 20 September 2020

Flames of War British 8th Army

Flames of War British 8th Army, covering 1940 to 1942.  Tank heavy, with only a Company of Infantry with associated support elements.   They are all 10mm, from various figure manufacturers.

The foot sloggers

Infantry Company
Infantry Coy, HQ plus 2 Platoons.

2" Mortar & Bren/Rifle sections.

Company HQ

Anti-tank 6 PDR

Anti-tank 2 PDR

Anti-Air Bofors

3" Mortar section

Vickers HMG Platoon

Lovely Grant Tanks

Putting on those Radio Masts & Pennons was a pain....

For the Early War, Cruiser A9's

Multiple Camo schemes

The versatile Stuart's

Armored Car frenzy!
Humber's & Marmon Herrington's

Bren Carrier's

Wahhayy!  Vickers Mark VI's

Thursday, 3 September 2020

FOW3 Calzone Clash

'Italy, Late 1943, the 3rd Company 1st Battalion Green Howard's are on the march to the small village of Calzone.  From out of the morning mist, a German Recon force attacks!!' 

Another small Flames of War game.  The Green Howard's have support in the form of New Zealand Armored forces.  The Germans have two Panthers.... Aarrggh!

One objective, the centre of the village.

Ze Germans..
2 Panthers, an Armored Recon Platoon & a Grenadier Platoon.
39 Points

The Allies...
2 Infantry Platoons, a 6 PDR Platoon, a Sherman Platoon & a Staghound Platoon.
39 points. 

The Green Howard's marching to Calzone.

The 6 PDR's cover the road.

Spav's Germans go first.

A cautious advance...

Machine gun fire takes out a section.

The British Infantry take cover in the village.
The NZ Staghound's engage the Half-tracks.

The NZ Sherman's race over the hill.

Oh, lovely camo scheme...


Back to the Germans..
The Grenadiers advance on the anti-tank guns.

The German Recon troops occupy the other side of the village.


3 versus 1!

In FOW assaulting troops must take a dose of defensive fire before they attack..
WOOO! 2 casualties.

The Germans fail their assault.
The Brits under 2nd Lt 'Johnny Concrete' send them packing!!!

Open flank!
Guess where the Staghound's are going....

3rd Platoon arrives!

Fire from all across the table halts the Germans.

One half-track is destroyed by the Staghound's.

One of the Panthers is took out by the 6 PDR's!!

Satellite view!

Oh NO!
Spav's re-deploying..

Revenge of the Panther!!!

The Grenadier's take out a 6 PDR.

Each half-track has 4 MG shots as well!

Back to the Allies..
The Staghound's are hunting Half-track today.


3rd Platoon gets into the action.

I bottle it in the tank on tank scrap & drop a smoke round in front of the Panther.
(I cannot post Spav's rude comment..)

German Grenadier's are mown down...

Take a step to the right....

The Half-track fire is awesome..
2 more British casualties.

I'm making trumpet noises now...

Spav is not amused.

Plus a Recon section is eliminated.

Not many Germans left.

The Staghound's line up on the Panther... 

Crap Rolls Never Help....

However the 6PDR hits.
Spav rolls another ONE for his armor save while I make my Firepower roll.

Top Gunners!!!

Games have been short on the ground as we both have work commitments.  This was a nice little game, BUT we never stuck to the 33 point limit.  Rolling a one is never good, but Spav rolled 3 of them for his Panther Armor saves.  Never good, the 6 PDR's Firepower came up trumps, well worth the points. 

(In Flames of War, you roll to hit, if so -> the opponent makes an armor save, if they fail -> the attacker then makes a Firepower roll to see if your round penetrates..)

Having no Anti-tank guns on the Half-track did not help Spav.  Failure to take out the 6PDR's with the Grenadier's cost him as well.

I've been busy & been painting Desert Forces.. Pictures soon!

A LARGE Hoorar goes to Steve Thomas & his great article on 'Kiwis in Italy' at his Blog 'Steven's Balagan'  Get painting Kiwis!