Monday, 10 December 2018


Orks & Dwarfs on Motorbikes!!!
Epic Space Marine action now with a OrK versus Imperium scrap now.  Ork Freebooter Kaptain Nazga HugeGut has put together a small Waaarrggh in order to raid the Squat outpost on Khazad III.  A number of computers hold valuable Technology the Ork Kaptain wants.   As the Ork ships enter the system, Commisar Baldrick hurriedly puts together a defence force.

The Spaceport would hold 3 Victory Objective markers.  The Squat Airship would begin the game based in the Spaceport.  The Orks would move first.  All the other force would start the game in their corner of the board.  Spav would take the Orks, yours truly the Forces of the Imperium.

"Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none"

1700 points for the Imperium. 

Knights (Large Walkers), a Squat Airship, Squat Motorbikers!!!

A Reaver Class medium Titan, armed with a Defence Laser, Plasma Blastgun & Laser Blaster.
Imperial Commisar Baldrick, Robots & more Motorbikes...

1900 points of pure Orkiness!!!!

Nazga HugeGut's mini Waaarrggghh!

Stompers!!  Very tough Ork Walkers...

The Kult of Speed!!!!
Hordes of crazy Orks riding bikes & buggies....

Ork Slasha Gargant
Armed with some BiG GunZ!!!

Freebooter Kaptain & his Nobz, riding a Skullcrusha Battle Fortress.
Plus an Ork Mechaniak in his Dragsta... 

"Happiness is a delusion of the weak"

The Orks go first.
Full speed ahead for the Slasha Gargant & Stompers

The Kult of Speed captures two objectives.  The Cyber Wyverns take up a fire support role..

Drive FASTA!!!!!

The Reaver advances with the Knights in a support role.

The roar of Squat Motorbikes fills the valley....

The Squat Airship takes to the sky, but despite its mighty firepower
Ork casualties are low.

The Ork Fortress drops off Kaptain Nazga & his Nobz...
They take the main Imperium facility.

"Fear denies faith" 

2nd round.
The Orks & Squats clash...

The Ork Dragsta rapidly advances...
However it is soon blown away by the Squat Robots...

The Ork Wartraks get into action.
Their Autocannons make no impression on the Squat Airship. 

Battlefield overview

Ork Nobz Motorbikes versus Squat Motorbikes!!!!

The Slasha Gargant fires its mighty Bellygun but it causes no damage...

However the Squat Airship is 'bob on' & brings down ALL the Gargants Powerfields...
Any hit now is against the Gargant itself as Ork Powerfields don't recharge like Void Shields.

The Ork Nobz win this melee... 

On the other flank the Squats win through....

The lightly armored Orks take heavy losses at the Spaceport.

"All Orks is equal, but some Orks are more equal dan uvvas"

These Ork Nobz are armed with extra powerfields.
They attack the Squats.


The Squat Trikes get into action...

The Ork fortress attempts to overrun the lighty armored Squat Trikes...


NOO!!!!  The Squat Trike opens up with its MultiMelta & destroys the Fortress!!!

Commisar Baldrick orders all fire on the Slasha!!!

Sustained hits causes a fire to break out in the Gargant...

The Squat bikes race around the flank.
Momentum to the Imperium!

More hits on the Slasha.
The Gargant Kaptain is killed, forcing the Gargant on CHARGE Orders for two rounds
 while the crew 'elect' a new
 "There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector"

Another round & the Gargant charges along, however the Reaver's weapons all hit!!!

The Kult of Speed is broken, some Ork Nobz flee.
There's only 2 Stompers left to fight.

Ork Kaptain Nazga HugeGut grabs his loot & teleports back to his Spaceship.
Victory to the Imperium.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Epic Space Marine - Morning Stars Titan Legion

The Loyalist Morning Stars Titan Legion

Heavy, Medium & Light Titans.

Warlord class, Reaver class & Warhound class. 


Missile Launcher, 2 Macro Cannons & a Power Fist.

Reaver class Titan

Armed with a Defence Laser & a Plasma Cannon.

Warhound class.
(the small die is used for the number of Void Shields)

"Life is the Emperor's currency, spend it well."