Sunday, 17 June 2018

Basic Impetus2 - 2.2 Athens 450-275 BC

Hoplite Power!
For our Basic Impetus2 games, I've been concentrating on painting ALL the Ancients figures in the spares box.  A lot of Pike armies have been put together, but I've manged to  put together enough troops to build a Hoplite Army.   We've got plans for a 'Chaeronea' type battle, so here is a 'Greek' Army.  To be far, it's a pretty powerful army with a whopping 6 elements of heavy foot.   

2.2 Athens 450-275 BC

Athenian and allied Hoplites       6xFP* VBU=5, I=2, VD=3, Long spear
Greek cavalry                             1xCM* VBU=5, I=2, VD=2
Greek /Thracian merc. Peltasts  1xFL VBU=4, I=2, VD=2, Javelin
Javelinmen                                 1xS VBU=2, I=0, VD=1, Javelin
    1st option: change 1 FL with Thracian cavalry 1xCL VBU=3, I=1, VD=1, Javelin
    2nd option: change 2 FP with Mercenary Thureophoroi 2xFL* VBU=5, I=1, VD=3, Long spear
    3rd option: change 1 S for 2 initiative rerolls

Hoplites can form Large Units


Greek Cavalry

Dandy Skirmishers

Hordes of Hoplites..

Super.. Smashing.. Lovely!!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Basic Impetus 2 - BIMP2 Carthaginians vs Seleucids

Another Basic Impetus 2.0 game, this time the fearsome Carthaginians versus the mighty Seleucids.  Previously building 'Big Battle' DBA has made the conversion to Basic Impetus 2.0 armies much easier.  In our games, 4 standard DBA elements make up one Basic Impetus Base.   I've caught the army building 'bug' again by adding the extra element of troops needed for the BI2 Base.   All those 'spare' troops left in boxes on shelves are now needed....  It's Ancients at the moment, but I know I'll get round to Medieval's & probably our Pike & Shot collection.

Anyway, to make the movement of the armies easier, I've invested in some MDF 'Big Bases'.   Also to make identification easier, I've colour coded the bases.  A large coloured bar at the back of the base & a dab at the front.  Effectively we now have a Red Force & Blue Force for every game.

I took the Seleucids & Spav the Carthaginians.   For the Seleucid Army I selected both options from the Army builder.  The Pike, Scythed Chariots, Imitation Legionaires & Skirmishers.  Spav swapped out his Veterans, for the Elephant/ Cavalry/ Spearman option.

View from the Seleucid lines

Wer'e Off!  The lines advance, the Scythed Chariots race off.
I had visions off them cutting down the enemy... How wrong I would be. 

The Numidian Light Cavalry would race around the flank
& attack from behind..

Skirmisher battle in the woods...

The Scythed Chariots crash into the Gauls!

Would dozens of legs be hacked off ?

The Seleucid Cataphracts advance.
Spav renames them the 'Roosters' for the red crests on the helmets...

The disappointing Scythed Chariots are smashed. I won't be picking them again...

The Carthaginians Elephants look fearsome, supported by the Citizen Cavalry

Another view from the Seleucid lines.

 Different angle..

Spav wins the initiative roll

The lines smash into each other....


The Spanish troops take on the Jumbo's!!!

Whooopss.. the Seleucid Phalanx is taking a battering.
Large units in Basic Impetus take damage from the rear ranks (a cracking rule)

Some Seleucid troops retreat.

Seleucid Cataphracts pile into the Carthaginian Jumbo's

WayHey!! Victory to the 'Roosters'!

Pursuit & the Jumbo's are skewered!!!
Basic Impetus combats are brutal.

Onward! The 'Roosters' then smash into the Carthaginian Cavalry....

The Seleucid Cataphracts are on 'Operation Deep Strike'

Initiative re-roll & the Seleucids are up first

Straight back in!

The Seleucid Light Foot are redirected...

The Seleucid Imitation Legionaries  would prove to be awesome fighters in this game.

The Carthaginians win the battle of the skirmishers...

Spav is not amused.  The Heavy Infantry loose the combat.

The Gauls put up a tough fight.

The Legionaries would be the main combatant supported by the Phalanx

OOhh! The Seleucids are slowly forcing the Carthaginians back.

Meanwhile... The Numidian Light Cavalry slooowly trundle around the flank. 

The Gauls take losses

The Seleucid Jumbo's advance

The Spaniards would face the Jumbo's again

The Light Foot support the attack...

The Spanish are forced back

The Seleucid Cataphracts get the upper hand.


Hope for Carthage, the Seleucid Phalanx retreat...

However, the Seleucid Jumbo's counter the Heavy Infantry

The Spanish try to stem the tide.

Back they go.
Spav places a old DBA marker on his troops.

A 'Heroic' Seleucid victory is near!!!!!

Another round, the Spaniards can't hold up to the Elephants.

Forward go the Legionaries...

Death to the Gauls!!!

The final positions... On the left...

& on the right.
Wow, what a blood bath.  I was surprised by that one as the Carthaginians had more units.  Spav laments his poor positioning of the Numidians, but he still enjoyed the game.  Proves how important it is in Basic Impetus your initial setup is.  Once the game starts, the combats are brutal & the game can be over very quickly.

That's it, we are well & truly hooked. I'm also listening to Ben Kanes Audiobooks,  Hannibal & the new 'Clash of Empires'.   Which adds to the atmosphere.  I'm now painting Polybian Romans for the clashes to come.....