Sunday, 23 November 2014

DBA 3.0 Polybian Roman Army

Ultimate slice & dice action with one of my favorite armies, the Polybian Romans.  Blade heavy with Spear back-up.  The DBA 3.0 lists allow 2 bases of Auxilia as Allied Troops.  Very simple army, but very effective.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

DBA 3.0 - IV/62 100 Years War English

Monstrous..!!!! Gigantic...!!! Titanic...!!! No, it's not Britain's National Debt...(according to the government oohh eerr).  It's the new DBA 3.0 100 Years War English Army lists.

Lots of archers as you would expect, but now a LOT more Knights.  The option (A) List reflects this especially, with a standard 4 Knight elements & the option for 3 more.

We've put together 2 Armies, one to keep for ourselves & the other is up for grabs on EBay.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

DBA 3.0 II/69B Sassanid Persians

Put this lot together for sale on EBay.  A lot of the figures are old school Minifigs.  The elephant is a plastic one from a HATT box set (6 elephants for less than a tenner, well worth it).  the tent is a conversion from Renandra.  Lots of 'pastel' colours, for the mighty Sassanids.  The banners we created ourselves & here is the link to the original post :

Saturday, 1 November 2014

DBA Low Countries vs Teutons

Medieval action now, the Teutonic Grand Master has decided that the route of all evil can be found in the base debauchery of capitalism.   His gaze descends on the Merchants of the Low Countries.  A Crusade is called, the Teutonic masses board their ships & head for Ghent.  The Merchants & Guildsmen, raise their banners, ready to defend their interests.  Our last games of DBA 2.2????  Amy took the Teutons, yours truly the Guildsmen.

Pike heavy, the Guilds of the Low Countries
Teuton Warriors enjoy a beer an the eve of the battle

The Brotherhood get ready

The Guildsmen stand defiant
The battle lines are drawn

Teuton Light Horse 

The Teuton Knights get in position


The Light Horse threaten the flank

Low Countries Men-at-Arms counter the threat


The Light Horse are sent packing

The Teuton Blades advance..... Teuton Blades??????

1 nil to the guildsmen

Teuton rabble deploy

The main lines engage

The knights recoil

One partial success for the Teutons

Teuton Cavalry join the fray

Knight power, but not Teutonic Knights

Nice overview

It's one way traffic

Victory for the Guildsmen

The 1000 yard stare, what could have been..??

Disgraced, the Teutonic brothers are forced to march through the streets of Ghent!!
Well despite sneaky Amy, sticking another element into her Army, the mighty Low Countries won through.