Monday, 23 February 2009

DBH Russians

I've been reading into other periods, after the Sudan & Victorian British adventures (Zulu War is on hold at the moment.... need a lot more Zulus than we have!) then the Boxer Rebellion. Next up is the Russo/Japanese War. I reckon the DBA 1500-1900 is at it's limits, so we've been looking around at other DBA'ish' rules. We'll be using the De Bellis Horribilis rules by David Manley & the Trowbridge Irregulars. They are for the First World War BUT I reckon we can 'try them out' on the Russo/Japanese War, plus we can morph the armies across into WW1...

"The basic manoeuvre unit is the Battalion.
Each battalion consists of 3-4 infantry stands (companies) or 6 cavalry stands (squadrons) plus an HQ stand (one of the individual officer figures) attached to one of the stands (alternatively one stand may be designated as a command stand).

LMG, HMG, etc., are added as supports.
Artillery batteries may be grouped into 'battalions' of up to 3 batteries with OP stands.
Tanks and armoured cars may be grouped into 'battalions' of up to 6 vehicles.

Players take on the role of Divisional commanders with up to 6 battalion sized groups, typically 3 infantry, one cavalry, one battery and one additional, which may be aircraft, tanks, support stands, etc.

Division HQ is denoted by a large command stand and appropriate transport. I have deliberately left this section vague as players are free to develop their own organisations dependent on the armies they wish to field." - taken from De Bellis Horribilis Rules

Here's our joint Russo/Japanese - World War One Russian Army. This is the basic Army that we have at the moment, we'll add extras as we go. Some of the Russian troops you'll recognise from our Boxer Rebellion games. I don't know what manufacturer the bulk of the troops are, but we've added some Irregular Minis Guns & Cavalry.

We'll run a few games around the Russo/Japanese War then move onto the First World War.
UP to now we've got some British, Germans & Turks.


Russians ready to repel the Japanese.

Russian Field Guns
Big Russian Howitzer 150mm (Irregular)

Russian Cossacks (Irregular)
Russian Infantry Battalions ______________________
Russian General & Staff, Divisional Command


Jeff Hancock said...

Are the Russians old Peter Laing figures, or 1st generation MiniFigs?

Thank you, Mr. Farrow 2 Me!

P.S. Love your creative spelling and glad to hear you have a great private life!

MrFarrow2U said...

Greetings Jeff, I don't believe they are Minifigs. I would then agree that they could be Peter Laing, they have those 'Laing' classic poses. I can't remember where I got them from. They received extra paint, dark washes & varnish.

All the Best