Thursday, 17 January 2008

DBA 1500-1900 58.Cossack (1550-1700)

28/FEB/2009 BLOGGER's gone daft & deleted the piccies - now updated the post

A while ago we picked up a load of Renaissance Poles from
a Bring n Buy. Looking for opponents, a website recommended
watching the Polish Film 'With Fire & Sword' by Jerzy
Hoffman. Well I thought it was brilliant! Lots of action between
Poles & Cossacks, a good story as well. (Not to mention the
Bond Babe from Goldeneye running naked from a
Well here is our bash at a Cossack Mob. At the time I was
a bit skint so it was a case of seeing what was in the spare
boxes & converting a few others. The Cavalry was simple
enough lots of Eastern Europe types. The War Wagons
are very like what is in the film, just carts with a few troops
& cannons. The Foot Cossacks are a mixed bag. Some
Ottoman Janissaries with their hats filed off. I bought some
Ottoman Pike from Essex when building a mighty Ottoman
Horde but found that they weren't in any list.
So.... A bit of filing & some Milliput furry Hats then we now
have Cossack Pikes. OK... the Pikes are longer than what they
used but I think they look fine.

4x2Lh, 2x3Cv or 2Lh, 2x2Lh or WWg, 2x2Lh or 3Sh or 4Sh/Pk, 1x2Lh or 4Bd or 3Dr, 1x2Lh.

Watching the film I thought this Cossack list was top heavy with
Light Horse & not enough Pike/Shot. To cater for this we've
collected extra 2xPike + 2xShot & they can replace the initial 4x2Lh
choice in the List. Though the pictures below show the 'official' List.

The Cossack Lads

The Horsemen, Light Horse & Cavalry

War Wagons & Cossack Foot

Light Horse - Cossacks & Tartars

Cossack Cavalry

The lads in the War Wagons

Cossack Pike & Shot - lots of baldies with ponytails!!

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