Sunday, 6 February 2011

War of 1812 - USA Forces 2

Here's some more pix of our USA 1812 forces.  The first lot are a motley bunch of Militia, they have a 'rustic', just put together look to them.  The vast majority of these came from the odds n sods, what's left over box at game show 'bring n buy' stands. A few extra Milliput hats, a tidy up paint job, some miracle varnish dip painted on & re-basing.  They have a stars n stripes (from Battleflag), plus a strange black & white jolly roger/stars n stripes flag.  The flag belonged to a Militia unit that was held in reserve, the name of which escapes me for now.  However this bunch will definitely be crossing the Canadian border....

Forward Men!

There's a few ACW Confederates in there too... 

Plus a couple of Perry Plastic French Dragoons.. with dandy beaver skin hats on now.

Love that funky Militia Jolly Roger

The final few, we have some woodsman that will make up a Militia Rifles unit.  Plus a Del Prado French 12 Pdr with some converted Del Prado French Artillerymen.
Sniping away...


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