Thursday, 23 May 2013

MAX1 Battle of Puebla 1862

The French attack at the Battle of Puebla 1862
Our take on the Battle of Puebla 1862.  We used the DBA 15-19K rules, just as in history the French having the edge in troops.  Here's the link to the history bit

The Mexican republic troops would hold a set of hills & the town of Puebla.  Objective hold Ze French & inflict as many casualties as possible.  For the French, punch a hole in the line & destroy the Mexican Army.  An attack on the hills was on the cards as the town was a tough nut to crack.

The Battlefield overview

The Mexican right wing, with some troops forward in the rough

The Mighty Mexicans in Puebla

Forward the French, but Mexican Artillery strikes first

The French hit the 1st Mexican defence

The French Right, Rifles & Skirmishers attack

Vive La France!


Mexican Cavalry take up a support position

Mexican Artillery is forced back

A mighty sight, French troops line up to attack the hill

Another Mexican casualty

Mexican Cavalry try to save the flank

Good Rolls for the French, this starting to become a Mexican Turkey Shoot!

The French attack on the left is halted...

Mexican Cavalry is forced back

The French troops storm the hill

Oh it's a disaster for the Mexicans


AAArggh! Game Over...

The French take the day, the Mexicans were woeful....

Apologies,It was a long time in coming, we just don't get the time to play any more.  However it was a 'Mexican Massacre'.  Who took the Mexicans & the truly woeful die rolls..... (yours truly).   A very colourful battle, at least it was fun putting the armies together, the bit I enjoy

Field Marshall PiPPiN Von Krums Analysis

1 Roll better dice MrF
2 Stick to building Armies MrF
3 Ruff Ruff Ruff