Friday, 4 December 2009

DBA 15-19K Big Base Royalist vs Roundhead

Well posts are getting a bit thin, time is again at a premium.  The hobby has had to take a back seat recently.  Though Amy & I went to Smoggycon the other day, we had a good time.  Amy of course got her own way & she used some of 'the funds' to buy lots of nicely painted Space Marines & a castle.  No doubt these will be added to the hordes of Space Marines Jack used to buy at previous shows, only to sit in some box on some shelf in our humble abode...  Oh the joys of taking your kids to a show.  That left yours truly with the remnants of the cash, I managed to get some nice terrain pieces, some Artillery pieces, 15mm painted French Cuirassiers & Imperial Guard to finish off our Crimean French.

It was nice to see Peeler and the Scarborough wargames gang, they had a snazzy Napoleonic Naval game on the go. I also bumped into an old mate, Mark Kay who has now started his own figure sculpting business, so good luck to him.  He's started a range of 28mm WW2 stuff, you can check them out at

I tried selling a few things on the Bring n Buy, but had no joy whatsover.  I'll try flogging them on EBay, if I can bring myself to sorting out the selling process. (I have tried before but quickly loose the 'will to live' after going through the process, I must try harder.)

So back to gaming, or the lack of it.  Well I'm up against XBox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS Lite, Internet games, Ben 10 Alien Force cartoons, Jacks Rugby/Swimming/Athletics.  Amy has now joined that elite paramilitary organisation... The Cub Scouts & she loves it to bits, becoming 'Cub of the Month' as well.  Sadly I have now become 'Billy No Mates' and with the run up to Xmas, I can't see anything new being posted.  Seriously though I'm very happy the horrors have a healthy range of hobbies, it's good to see. 

Our last game was a Pike & Shot affair, following on from the Big Base DBA Romans vs Dacians game we ran  we thought we would try it using DBA 15-19K.  Instead of having one base per element, Big Base uses FOUR bases to make up one element.  It gives a better looking game, though you have to increase the table size and measurements.  Our 15mm armies would use 25mm movement ranges.  Amy took the Royalists, a mixed bunch of English and Scottish troops.  I would have the Roundheads.

The mighty forces arrayed for battle.

Scottish Cavalry

Roundhead Pistols

Amy pulls a fast one & the Scottish troops pile down the flank.  (We 'split' up the element into column when travelling along a road, then deployed back into a 2x2 element for combat)

Royalist Pike & Shot

Royalist Horse on the other flank

The splendid Roundheads

To create the Artillery, we used two normal units & a wagon.

Wahay! Mass Cavalry battle

My Dragoons are outnumbered.

Nice view down the battlefield.  You can see the 'massed' effect.

My forces advance

Scottish Cavalry

Back & forth on the other flank

The Roundhead guns send the Royalist Pike back

Whoops! There go my Dragoons

I detach an element of Pistols to deal with the Scottish Cavalry

The battle in the centre

The Scottish Light Horse cross the river pinning my Pistols

View from Amy's side of the table

Even match on this side

In they go!


Oh no! The Roundheads are repulsed.

Boo! Amy's Cavalry destroy the Roundhead Cavalry

Then crush the Roundhead infantry

Roundhead Pistols, Pretty.. But no effect whatsover

Big Bad Ollie Cromwell can only look on....

Well, whooped again! I've never won a ECW clash, the horrors have always won the day.  Can't grumble, the plan just didn't work.. again.  Now back to packing away all these troops...zzzzzz.


Steve Turner said...

Ah, now that's more my style Mr. F. I have a weakness for the entire 17th C. (particularly the 30Years War).
I really enjoyed reading the battle report, and again I loved your style and the photos. I was pulling for you and the "Parliamentarians" (please, no "roundheads") right up to the end. Hopefully things will be different next time (more training is needed perhaps?)


MrFarrow2U said...

Now Steve

Cheers fella, I'm 'pants' at playing the Parliamentarians..

Sorry for the 'Roundheads' name, it was just that we've played previous ECW games & we just need to have a different title. Perhaps we now need to name each battle after some ficticious place..