Wednesday, 7 May 2008

DBA 15-19K 19.Spanish/Imperialist 1519-1559

Now for the Spanish Imperialist Army, Landsknects galore! Heavier on the Pike & Shot combinations, also with the choice of Pistols.

19 Spanish/Imperialist 1519-1559.
Enemies=11.Swiss, 1400-1522, 12.Florentine Republic 1494-1530,
13.Milanese 1495-1530, 14.Venetian 1440-1530, 22.French, 1494-1525,
23. French, 1525-1559, 50.Later Hungarian, 1245-1526, 67.Ottoman Turk 1512-1570,
71.Berber or Moorish, 1039-1700, 74.Sultanate of Adal 1450-1550.

1x3Kn, 1x2LH or 4Pi, 1x2LH or 4Pk, 1x4Pi or 4Pk, 2x4Pk, 1x3Wb/3Bd (Sword) or 4Sh, 4x4Sh/2Ps, 1xArt.

The mighty Spanish Imperialists ready to face the French or the Italians or the Turks or the....................!

All the boys together.... Pike, Shot & Artillery
Up close to hairy Germans in bright fancy pyjamas! Landsknecht Pike, Landsknecht Blades to chop up opposition Pikes. Spanish & Landsknecht Shot.

Vexillia Ltd. Landsknecht Artillery again, super smashing lovely & a joy to paint.

The General leading forward Knights & Pistols.

Light Horse elements, Mercenary Stradiots & Mounted Crossbows (on their backs..honest!)

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