Wednesday, 6 February 2008

DBA Royalist vs New Model Army

Back to the English Civil War & a clash between double sized
Royalists & the New Model Army. I was eager to avenge my defeat
by Jack in our last ECW encounter....

34 English Royalist, 1620-1660. (x2)
1x3Kn or 4Sh, 3x3Kn or 3Cv, 1x3Kn or 3xCv or 4Pk, 1x3Cv or 3Dr or 4Sh, 3x4Pk, 2x4Sh or 2Ps, 1xArt.

36 New Model Army, 1644-1660. (x2)
3x4Kn, 2x4Kn or 4Pi or 3Cv or 3Dr or 2Sh, 3x4Pk,
2x4Sh, 1x4Sh or 2Ps, 1xArt.

I took the Royalists & Jack the New Model Army.
My plan was to have a big wing of Cavalry (mainly Knights) & swing around the flank.  Simple enough... yea right. I deployed first & for once Jack matched my deployment instead of doing his thing.

'New' Overhead view with troop type labelled

The New Model Army

Royalist Lines

They're off! Race for control of the hill, Royalist Knights.

Royalist Foot Troops in the centre advance.

Jacks Roundheads advance

New Model Army Pike & Shot

Good Pips for both of us & the battle is on.
I sense an easy 'Kill' of his Artillery & my General is straight in. But in my eagerness for the 'Kill' I advance my Pike to close to the General. Jack smiles with glee, both Artillery pieces combine for one big volley & my General 'Recoils'.....back into the Pike.

D'oh! One General skewered on his own troops Pike.....

Mega clash of Horse...advantage to Jack he has the high ground

With one of my Generals gone, I'm rolling PIPS to just to hold the
the left & centre together.

He's done it again, his Cavalry are winning.

The Royalist foot stuggle to hold it together & some fall back.

Like a pack of wolves, Jacks Foot are quick to pursue.

The Roundheads force the Cavaliers back.

The far left, Jacks Dragoons hold the flank.
"Ere, Bert..there's nowt much goin on round here.."

Oh no.. it's another disaster!

Only the Kings Lifeguard hold it together.

It's over, another ECW Major Defeat. Overhead view of the final positions

Final view from behind the New Model Army.

Whooped again! A major moment of madness on my part by
charging in my General & why did I move my Pike in so close??
Jack doesn't care, another victory for him again.

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