Tuesday, 22 April 2008

DBN Austrians vs French

We've had the DBN rules for a while now & even based up a few armies. At long last we were able to get a game played. A 30" Battlefield, with home made terrain. Jack would take the French & I the Austrians.

The figures are 1/300 Heroics & Ros, which I collected & painted over twenty years ago! Various rules & basing schemes have come & gone. Just like everyone, I 'grew up' & became a sensible fella, so alas the figures were stored away. Anyway after Jack was born & he reached an age were he could enjoy gaming, we started collecting & painting armies, DBA became our standard rules. After discovering DBN, I purchased the version 2 rules & we set about basing the Napoleonics. They are all mounted on standard size 15mm bases. As with most first attempts, there were some 'vague' areas we were unsure of, but obviously we'll improve with practice. We enjoyed the game, even Jack had a few comments on what he liked & disliked.

The Heroic Austrians, a standard 12 point army.

A 12 point French Army

The Battlefield, the French would attack from the north. I set the terrain & Jack rolled for which set-up edge. Strangely he got the side he wanted, I was happy getting a road edge.

The Austrians in massed columns of march.

Jack elected for a more conventional approach & lined up from the start.

I waste no time & deploy either side of the town.

Austrian Muskets race to deploy

The French led by the flamboyant General, Prince Murat on the right

Jacks Light Cavalry, Chasseurs a Cheval & Lancers, race ahead

Overview from the south with elements labelled.
Sensing an opportunity I send my cavalry straight up the middle.

Jacks straight in & unleashes the Light Cavalry onto the Austrian Muskets.

The Artillery deploys & opens up. Sadly both sets fail to make an impression.

The French attack with Muskets in column & Heavy Cavalry, Cuirassiers.

Withering firepower form the Austrians repulse the French Cavalry with losses.
We used the optional 'HIT' system, with small stones used as Hit markers.

The Battle is shaping up nicely.

The Austrian Heavy Cavalry (Cuirassiers) plays a support role rather than a head on attack into the French Muskets in the centre. The Light Cavalry (Uhlans) are sent packing with losses.

I concentrate the Austrian musketry & the French Light Cavalry are destroyed.

More losses for the Austrian Uhlans & they are now 'shaken'. The Austrian Cuirassiers turn to face the threat of French Muskets.

Mid point in the battle, so a few labels for the troops.
I'm cruising Jacks lost all three Cavalry elements!!!

Vive la France! Utters Jack & attempts a last ditch effort.

French Columns in action. Elsewhere Jack takes out 2 elements of Austrian cavalry
He brings it level by launching a surprising attack on the Austrians.
The French Columns charge home instead of deploying into line for a firefight.
Jack nearly succeeds & destroys an Austrian Musket, the score is 3 - 3!!
However it fails at the last & on my turn the flanks close.....
Cue the Benny Hill music.... 4 Austrian Muskets chase 2 French Muskets around the town.
Daaa.. Da Da Da Diddle aaaa......!!!
I manage to destroy some French Muskets on the left & victory is sealed.
Final positions...
Final overview of the battlefield.

Well, well we did enjoy that one with a nice tense finish at he end. We did use the optional HIT markers for casualties & to be honest it didn't detract from the game. We printed out the combat charts & used them to speed up the game. I took a few double takes in adding up the combat factors, but again practice makes perfect.
We both fell into the trap of using Cavalry head on & we both paid for it. Just like in history, firepower is more than capable of taking out the colourful horsemen. Close Combat in DBN has more factors & seemed more brutal than normal DBA, we both enjoyed that aspect.
Yes we will play again & next time use more of the element types. Artillery didn't make an impression in this game, so hopefully that will change in the next. Overall, DBN is a smashing set of rules & we recommend them.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

DBA 1500-1900 Polish vs Protestant German

A nice little clash from the Thirty Years War, the mighty Polish versus a Protestant German force. Jack would take the Polish & I the Germans.

54b Polish, 1576-1670.
1x3Kn, 2x3Cv, 1x3Dr, 1x2LH, WWg, 1x2LH, 2x4Sh, 2x4Pk, 1x4Bd

42b German/Danish, 1618-1648.
1x4Pi, 1x3Dr, 1x4Pi, 4x4Pk, 4x4Sh, 1xArt.

Initial Set up, Polish forces on the left

German Pistols Advance.

Straight into the action, I send a Pike ahead to block the road... Very foolish!

Jacks Cavalry swings out to the flank. His War Wagon & General wait patiently.

Polish Blades make short work of the German Pike

In the woods, Dragoons skirmish away. German Pistols match up against Winged Hussars (Kn) & the War Wagon. While the Infantry line up to slog it out.

'HAAAALT!' German Pike & Shot get ready for Polish Cavalry & Light Horse

Scratch the German Dragoons!!

The German Pike & Shot Line up, while I send a Shot element to take the village.

It's a bit of a mess with the infantry, somehow we both manage to get a unit each out of position. Polish Blades charge the Pike, while a German Shot is too far ahead.

The main scrap is about to begin, the Poles lose a Pike to the German Guns

Polish Dragoons peek out across the battlefield.

The other flank, Polish Cavalry take on Pike & Shot

Oh dear it's 2-1 to Jack & I've got a Shot element in a bad position.

View from behind the Polish Cavalry. Meanwhile the Germans lose a Shot element in the middle

The Poles win the battle for the village, but in the centre we both lose a Pike element each. That's a win for Hetman Jack & the Poles, 4 to 2! Final positions below...

Oh... Where did it go wrong? Too many elements stuck on the road & I couldn't manoeuvre. Jacks laughing..! He picks up a Light Horse element from the side of the table, he had forgotten to place it at the start. So not only as he beat me, he's done it with 11 elements & he lets me know about it. Aaarrggh the shame!!!!

Double 31b Dutch 1590-1660

Double Dutch!! Lots of crafty Dutchmen & friends to battle the Spanish.
This selection of 24 elements includes...

4x4Pi, 2x3Dr, 4x4Pk, 12x4Sh, 2xArt and two Generals.

Wow! That's a lot of firepower, we're going to put them up against the Spanish, Battle Report to follow shortly.

The Shot Heavy Dutch Army

'Odd view'

Thursday, 3 April 2008

BBDBA 27.Elizabethan English 1560-1620

Here we go, BBDBA English to match the Spanish.

The following army is composed of 3xCav, 2xKn, 1xPi, 3xLh, 2xArt, 10xPk, 8xSh, 3xLb, 4xBd.

The English Army

Border Horse guard the flanks

The English centre

German Mercenaries