Saturday, 24 October 2009

HITT WW1 British vs Germans - Big Push Part 3

Finding the 'G' in GAP.
The mid phase of the battle. The British have broken through on the right flank, could the cavalry exploit the breech?

British forces breech the 2nd Trench

Pierre Pascal & Biggles harass the German Infantry.

Ginger & Manfred Mutley battle it out.

British Infantry & Assault troops attack the Germans.

Attack Force Bravo in the centre storm the first trench line.

GO Ginger! Scratch one Hun Ace!

The British Barrage finds its range.

The German Jaegers are forced back.

German Tanks advance to the front.

Knights of the Sky!

Biggles bags another Hun!

German Infantry fight back.

Biggles gets on the tail of Von Dastardly..

The British monster captures an objective.

The British Cavalry advance into the Gap.

Down goes Von Dastardly... The British now have control of the skies.

The attack in the centre is stalled.

On the left flank, it's still going well....

...very well indeed.

Battle Overview

The remnants of the German first trench force flee to the second.

Watch the Hun run....

Oh Oh, the British Tank has advanced too far without Infantry support.

German Stormtroopers attack the monster.

Turns are passing by, the momentum of the attack is slowing.

The Germans fight hard for the trench.

The Stormtroopers destroy the British Tank.

The British Cavalry are through the first trench.

More German casualties..

Yard by Yard...

... the fighting goes on.

British Casualties begin to mount.

It's a tough slog on the British left.

Overview, the British Cavalry are through the 2nd Trench.

Biggles & Pierre Pascal are roaming across the battlefield.

Pierre Pascal strafes the German Infantry whilst the British Cavalry surges through.

It's not looking good for the Germans.

On the left, British troops assault the last German Heavy Artillery position.

Will the German Tanks plug the Gap?

Next time..  With time running out, can the British Breakout??


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

It is just getting better and better!

This battle report is one of the most exciting I have read for a long time, and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Excellent ... and very enjoyable!

Bob Cordery

Steve Turner said...

Because of limited spare time I've come a little late to the action this time. But it was well worth the visit.
As always, a super battle and great photographs.

Yeh, and I agree with Bob - more please.


Johnjo said...

MrF - simply the BEST DBA website around, your games are truly inspiring!!!!!

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers fellas

The British attack has slowed down, it seems to have took an eternity to get the cavalry through the gap. There was a lot of 'itty bitty' fighting in this one with lots of recoils. Hopefully the Brits can force it before the turns run out & the Hun gets his reserves in place!

MrF Jack & Amy