Monday, 27 August 2018

DBN29 -The Frogs & the Lobsters

A return to DBN now, the place Quiberon in France, the year is 1795.  A British/French Royalist attempt to invade Revolutionary France, which did not go very well.  Anyway after watching the Hornblower TV Series for the 'umpteenth' time, the episode 'The Frogs & the Lobsters' set the spark and....

The battlefield

Whilst the main Royalist force have engaged the French Army.  Colonel Marquis de Moncoutant has taken a body of men to liberate his local village & lands of Muzillac. In support are a body of British regulars (the 95th Regiment of Foot..) & a Naval Force, led by our hero Hornblower.   As in the episode, a sizable French army is waiting in the wings to attack.

British/Royalist Force
1 x General, 4 x British Musket (95th), 4 x Musket (French Royalist), 2 x Muskets (British Marines), 2 x Warband (British Navy Lads), 1 x Artillery (Naval Guns) = 13 Points

French Revolutionary Force
1 x General, 12 x French Musket, 3 x Light (French Light), 1 x Artillery = 16 Points

Scenario Rules
The Allied troops can deploy anywhere to the North of the river, they deploy first.  The French Royalist Regiment under the Marquis de Moncoutant occupy Muzillac. Two of the elements occupy the village (2 Non Linear fortification terrain pieces).  The Marquis & some of his men are in the process of 'removing dissension by the guillotine''.  A successive roll will be needed to release them to the battle.  A six first round, decreasing by one every round after that.  The other two French Loyalist elements will deploy at the Ford.  A bridge in the South is guarded by the British Naval elements.  The 95th Regiment of Foot have marched from the North & will deploy on the crossroads.  The French Revolutionary Force can deploy anywhere along the Southern or Eastern edge of the board.  They deploy after the Allied troops are deployed.

The game will last 12 turns, if Muzillac falls then the British force must exit from the South Bridge to the Beach.  The Allies win if the Bridge & Muzillac are held.  a French Minor win takes place if Muzillac falls & the British escape.  A major Win if the French hold Muzillac & the southern bridge.  Yours truly took the Allies & Spaz ze French.  Vive la Roi!!!!! 

The Navy lads hold the southern approach

The Marquis de Moncoutant sets about his important work..

Vive la Roi!!!!!
Where is my Guillotine???

The 95th Regiment of Foot

Where to deploy the French?

Spav went for a major attack on Muzillac with two Regiments.

Great CaPs & the French attack quickly.

Good combat dice & the French Royalists are already in trouble...

Another round of shooting & an Allied casualty.

The CaP die is throwing high numbers, the French pile across the river.

Whilst the British slowly deploy into line....

The French Light infantry are sent to hold the southern bridge.

The other French Regiment is sent to cross the river in the middle of the  battlefield.
The British Marines are sent to stop them.


Vive la France!!!!!!

There is no stopping the French steamroller...

The attack now focuses on Muzillac...


The French Light troops move quickly & are in position....

A second Loyalist element is destoyed.

Different angle...

Pot shots across the river, I'm confident the Marines will hold...

It's not looking good for the Royalists in Muzillac.

Pot shots across the bridge, the Naval guns find their range...


The Marqui faces ze chop...

The remaining French Royalist troops peg it from the village.

Overview from the eastern edge

The French 'Blitzkreig' has took me by surprise...

Spav urges his men on!

The rush to close the jaws of the sneaky Revolutionary trap!!!

Escape is now the focus, the Navy Lads charge across the bridge....

Slowly the 95th regiment of Foot form column of march.....
They haven't fired a shot.

French shooting is 'Bob On!'

Another round, Hornblower will lead the way, the French are closing in fast.....


Spav is eager, a MAJOR victory (and bragging rights) is very close...

The British Navy cannon hold back ze French....



The dreaded 6 to 1 combat dice.... Against ze French...!!!

Hornblower's Lads clear the way, the Allies escape.
Victory to the French though... (Minor, I point out, as a die hits my head...)


Peter said...

An enthralling wargame by the looks of it.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Peter.

Great French CaP rolls had them calling the shots. Luckily they had no Cavalry or it wold have been a bloodbath.


Gregory Pomfret said...

A brilliant little battle.

Very entertaining.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Greg, it was a nice game. Spav's all out attack on the village took me by surprise. I had thought that the 95th might play some part!