Sunday, 3 June 2012

DBN British Peninsular 1808-11

Napoleonic British in the Peninsular DBN style.  There are two lists for the British in the Peninsular, this one covers 1808 to 1811.  Here is the breakdown:

0-1x Muskets(Elite),6-8x Muskets,0-1x Muskets/Light Infantry(Elite),0-1xJager(Elite), 0-1xLight Cavalry,
0-1x Light Cavalry(Militia)(Portuguese),
0-1xArtillery, 0-2xGuerrillas,
 0-2xIrregular Cav (Mounted Guerrillas),
 0-1xGuerillas(E) or Jager(1809 only Loyal Lusitanian Legion).
Portuguese Cavalry, Muskets, Spanish Guerillas

British Muskets, Rifles & Cavalry

British General

British Artillery

Ready to beat the French