Monday, 10 October 2016

DBA-Hx New Model Army vs Rebels 1650

They're at it again, Revolting, the Scots, this time with the Irish.  The time, 1650, the place, Killiekisse on the Scottish border.   Lord Protector & fun guy Oliver Cromwell has got wind of a Scottish revolt.  Hurriedly he leads his army northwards to meet the Scots/Irish rebels.

Big Base DBA-Hx action, Spav took the Rebels, yours truly the loyal English troops.  More points for the Rebels though., Spav went for a mighty host of foot troops.  He kept some for a flank attack, pity he didn't take more Horse troops.  For Cromwell's mob, I selected a whopping six elements of Pistols.  The most being staggered on the English left.  We went for a hidden set-up, so when the 'reveal' took place, I was very confident of turning the flank.  However 'what troops' & 'where' would the Rebel flank attack come from?

The battlefield of Killikisse

Angry Scotsmen...  RuAaaarghh!

The mighty English Horse

The Rebels plan of attack

The Scots Irish Horde

Scots Horse


Clash of Horse approaching..

The Irish Rebels

The Scots Horse thunder past the farm

The English Guns open up

Nearly there....

.......KerRUUMMPPHHHH Crash!

On the other flank......

Even Stevens.... One recoil each

The Rebel flank attack... The Great Unwashed!

Highlanders CHARRGGGEEEE!!!!

Meanwhile in the actual battle..  First blood to the English.

The main Rebel Force is about to clash with the English.

Who would come out top on the other flank?

The Scottish Dragoons actually do some damage.

Finally the Scots Horse are destroyed on their right flank.

With the Horse destroyed, the Foot troops have to re-adjust.

Oh what a lovely sight...

Who would come out top in the push of pike?

Positions at the halfway point.  Not looking good for the Scots Irish

The Scottish left

It's a tough scrap.

Slowly the English get the upper hand...


The Irish Recoil

Oh... Back go the English Shot

The Scottish Horse recoil the English.  The Dragoons peg it....

Let's have Bacon tonight!!!!!

COME ON!!!!!

The Scots right, victory is close!

The Irish are hit hard in the flank..

In the centre, the English foot give ground, Cromwell takes up a flanking position...

However the Irish Foot stand their ground...

Both Rebel flanks are buckling

Lord Protector of the Realm

Like asthmatic ants carrying heavy shopping, the Highland charge comes on....

Nearly there lads!!!

All pile in for Victory!

The English Guns go BOOM! 

Finally the Irish are destroyed... VICTORY.

Cromwell, a very handsome fellow...

The Rebels got a spanking, Spav hangs his head in shame.  His flank attack was pants, WHY didn't he pick Border Horse (Light Horse elements) instead.  The poor Highlanders had far too much ground to make up, they never got into the battle.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

DBN French Revolution 1794-1804

Long Live the Revolution!!  A mighty French Revolutionary horde to frighten the Thrones of Europe....  We hope to run a few games centred on Boney's Italian Campaigns.  The majority of these are Lancashire Games & I've been adding extra units as time goes by.  What's more it's great timing as Lancashire Games are launching a new French in Egypt range.

We have enough Frenchmen for a whopping 19 element 'Big Base' Army (each element 4 standard DBx bases).  Now I need to paint up a equal size Austrian force.....

France, 1794-1799. 
6-10xMs(50%Ms/LI(M)), 0-2xLI, 0-1xLC, 0-2xLC(M)*, 0-2xNA.
French, 1800-1804. 
0-1xMs(E), 6-8xMs, 0-2xMs/LI (Legere), 0-2xLC*, 0-1xHC, 0-2xNA.

For the Revolution & France!
Light Infantry

French Regiment

'Tarleton  Helmet' French Regments

French rabble, a mighty French Column

French Heavies

French Hussars

French Hussars

First Consul

Boney leads the lads forward!

Consular Guard

Consular Guard

French Generals

French Artillery