Saturday, 26 January 2008

BBDBA Polish (1576-1660)

Triple the fun for BBDBA, here's 36 elements for a Polish Army.

The Right Wing - loadsa Cavalry,Knights & Light Horse

The Centre - Artillery, Foot & War Wagons

The Left Wing - More Cavalry, Knights. Dragoons at the front.

The complete Army from above.

DBA 1500-1900 54b.Polish(1576-1670)

The mighty Polish army that rose to greatness in the 16th & 17th centuries. They fought Austrian Habsburgs, Swedish, Imperialist, Prot.German, Danish, Muscovite, Cossack, Ottoman & Tartar foes. In fact all their neighbours then!

Pan Zagloba!
Quite a varied list full of options but always destined to be Cavalry Heavy. We collected the vast majority of this army from Bring & Buy sales. Out came the paints & a little work to bring it up to scratch. Finished off with Miracle Dip, flags are from Warflag.

54b Polish, 1576-1670.
1x3Kn, 2x3Cv, 1x2LH or 3Dr, 2x2LH or WWg, 1x2LH or Art, 2x4Sh or 1x3Kn + 1x3Cv,
1x4Sh or 4Pk, 1x4Pk/4Sh or 2Ps, 1x4Bd or 4Pk.

The Army arrayed with all options

The Light Horse

Polish Pike

Polish Shot

Pike & Shot Combo

Blades & Psiloi

Polish Hetman with Winged Hussars, General element.

Knights in the form of Winged Hussars & the General

Polish Cavalry, Cossacks & Pancerni

Polish War Wagons

Polish Dragoons

Polish Artillery

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

DBA 1500-1900 ECW. Royalist vs Parliament

English Civil War clash, turned out to be a right bloodbath (for me......)
Jack was for the King being the Royalists & I the forces of Parliament.

English Royalist, 1620-1660.
1x3Kn or 4Sh, 3x3Kn or 3Cv, 1x3Kn or 3xCv or 4Pk, 1x3Cv or 3Dr or 4Sh, 3x4Pk, 2x4Sh or 2Ps, 1xArt.

English Parliamentarian, 1641-1645.
3x4Pi or 3Cv, 1x4Pi or 3Cv or 4Kn or 4Sh, 1x3Cv or 3Dr or 4Pk, 2x4Pk, 3x4Sh, 1x4Sh or 2Ps, 1xArt.

Initial Setup – Parliament on the Left, Royalists the Right

The Parliament troops (me)

The Royalist Troops (General Jack)

Prince Rupert waves his big floppy hat

The lines advance

The Royalist cavalry have the high ground

Clash of Cavalry…advantage to the high ground

Oh dear the Roundhead cavalry is smashed…
the flank is open (tut.. tut.. I shake my head)

Not looking good for Parliament

My casualties…yes half the 12 element army!

Final Positions.. I don’t think I won one single combat.

General Jack whoops his Dad again.

DBA 1500-1900 AWI. Rebels vs British

American War of Independence Armies, British & American. Jack & Amy were the British & I the Rebels. DBA rules but lots of firefights, Jack actually preferred the Musketry aspect rather than the Hand to Hand combat. Generals where represented by a stand alone figure rather than an Element with a General (better for me as I usually lose them!).

USA, War of Independence,
1776-1783. 6-8x4Ms, 2-4x4Ms/2Jg, 0-2x2Jg, 0-1x3Cv, 0-1xCn.

British in America,
1745-1783. 6-8x4Ms, 0-4x4Ms/2Jg, 0-4x3Aux/2Jg (Ind), 0-1x3Cv, 0-1xCn.

American Army Setup

British Army Setup

Battlefield Overview

Jack redeploys some elements….

Americans advance

Rebel Militia advances up the road led by Cavalry

American Cavalry head off…..

The cavalry clash

View from the British Rear

The Lines about to clash with musket fire

British Regulars prepare to smash the American Lines

Americans advance on the cornfield held by British Light

Overview of the Battle

British Cavalry hold their own

It’s all over – the Americans lose it

American (MY) Losses – 2 Light, 1 Cav, 1 Militia

British (Jack & Amy) Losses – 1 Light, 1 Arty

Well, victory for the evil duo of Jack & Amy. A different game to normal DBA as
obviously there’s a lot more shooting. Strange how only one of the casualties was Line Infantry(My Militia). We did not use any rules for units that have multiple recoils though & I think this as a mistake. The combat factors were very similar for both armies, leading to very few doubling of scores & destruction of elements.

Maybe next time we’ll set something in place. However Jack did say that he enjoyed this Horse & Musket style game over Ancients/Medievals. Mmm possibly Napoleonics beckon for him?