Saturday, 29 March 2008

DBA 1500-1900 31b Dutch

Here's our Dutch Army that we have just finished off. Inspiration due to Wargames Illustrated 242, Dutch Thirty Years War Army Article & free downladable flags. To be honest the troops, 15mm, are whats leftover from other Armies & a few extra figures from EBay. A touch up with the paint job & a coat of miracle dip to bring out figure detail.

Very heavy on the Shot, it will be interesting to see how they perform on the battlefield.

31b Dutch, 1590-1660.
Enemies = 20 Spanish, 1560-1609, 32a French 1600-1640, 32b French, 1640-1660,
33 Spanish 1609-1660, 36 New Model Army 1644-1660, 42a Imperial 1606-1648,
42b German/Danish, 1618-1648.

2x4Pi, 1x2LH or 2Ps or 4Sh or 3Dr, 2x4Pk, 5x4Sh, 1x4Pk or 4Sh, 1xArt.

The Dutchies lined up for battle

Dutch Foot. 2 Elements of Pike & a massive 6 of Shot. Dutch, English & Scots mercenaries.

The Dandy Dutch General

Dutch Horsemen. Light Horse, Pistols & finally Dragoons.

Pistols up close, Cuirassiers & Harquebusiers.

Light Horse & Dragoons


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