Saturday, 25 September 2010

The French Attack at Alma

So we don't like to do anything normal... This time The Battle of Alma, from a French viewpoint on the right of the battlefield.

Alma reenactment

Battle of Alma, from British Battles:

The Battle of Alma on YouTube

Each side consists of two commands, each headed by a General.  The Russians would have to hold the heights dominating the battlefield.  the French would have to move them off.  Each command would consist of 12-15 elements.  Amy & Jack took the Russians.

Battle of Alma, the French Attack

The main French body

The main French Attack

The far right

Boom! the Russian guns find their range...

Poor PiPs & the Attack is uncoordinated
Magnifique!!! Chasseurs D'Afrique hold the flank

The French reserves plough straight up the road.  Whilst the Chasseurs a Pied take out some Skirmishers.

The French Guns take their toll

OOoops! That road hasn't been guarded well..

Jack turns the Russian guns onto the Chasseurs a Pied

In go the French, with mixed results...

The French Artillery doing it's job
Come on! 

Russian Canister wipes out some poor Frenchmen!!

The Russians are being hammered on the right hill.

French Riflepower downs another Russian..

AAAAaaaarggh! I forgot & went hand to hand with the Russian, bad mistake..

However on the hill, Russian resistance is wiped out.

The end is near!

This Russian command is broken & they leg it to Sevastopol.

With the other Russian command near breakpoint, the horrors admit defeat!
There you go, the French won the day with a head on Assault.  Jack's kicking himself for not putting more troops guarding the right hill & the main road.  This time I made use of the Allied superiority in firepower & tried to avoid going hand to hand with those 'Bwutal Wussians'.

This time we used Google Chrome Web Browser, it made a BIG difference in loading the pictures quickly!!!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Yet another great battle! I look forward to seeing each new installment of unfolding stories of your campaigns with tremendous interest.

Keep up the good work!

All the best,

Bob Cordery

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Bob, though info was a bit thin on the ground for French involvement early on in the Crimea.

Amy & I are just running the Battle of Bosworth, which will appear on our other blog.

MrF & Amy

Peeler said...

Hi MrF, another cracking game & write up, much enjoyed, thanks!