Wednesday, 2 June 2010

DBA 15-19K. New Model Army vs Dutch 1655

1655, Lord Protector Big Bad Ollie reigns supreme, the New Model Army thrashes all comers.  However the Dutch get out of hand & sink a few English ships in the Channel.  Ollie sends in the New Model Army to 'teach the Dutch a lesson'.

Amy takes the role of Big Bad Ollie, the English Army must attack a Dutch Army protected by a Redoubt.  The help out, the English fleet add an extra element to the battle (Move 200 paces on water, treat as a Cannon range 1000 paces).  Yours truly takes the Dutch.  Knowing Amy, she'll take as many mounted options as possible. 

The Battlefield

The mighty English Knights & Pistols.

Pike & Shot of the New Model Army

The Dutch Army

The Dutch Redoubt containing four elements.
Manned by Scots & Irish Mercenaries...

The English attack...

BOOM! The cannons of the English fleet ring out.

Cromwell leads forward the English Horse.

The Lord Protector

The Scots are wiped out...

Clash of horse...

In go the Dutch, get'em lads!

Amy wastes no time & attacks the Redoubt.

The Dutch Dragoons fall, but the English Horse is repulsed.


'Ruthless Amy', the Redoubt is stormed....

Alas, the English Horse wins through!

The final positions.

Amy's back to winning ways, her five elements of Horse were way to much for my Dutchmen.  Oh well until next time...

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Peeler said...

Hi MrF, had a good read through, all very good, this particular game is cracking!