Tuesday, 5 February 2008

DBA 1500-1900 42a.Imperial (1606-1648)

The Imperialist Catholic Army from the TYW. The major difference between this & the Swedes is the inclusion of Pistols, Pistol armed Cavalry using Caracole tactics. There are a lot more options for Light Horse as well.

42a Imperial 1606-1648.
1x4Pi, 1x4Pi or 3xCv or 3Kn, 1x4Pi or 3Cv or 2LH, 1x2LH or 3Dr or 4Sh or 2Ps, 4x4Pk, 3x4Sh, 1xArt
Imperialist Catholic all options.

Pistols & Cavalry

The massed ranks of Pike & Shot

Mercenary Light Horse, Dragoons & Psiloi

Pistols, Cavalry & Knight

Pike & Shot


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