Monday, 4 April 2016

DBN15 French vs Allies 1815

Early June 1815, Boney is building his forces along the Belgium border.  The Duke of Brunswick arrives in the area & decides to take a mixed Allied contingent to the border near to the Escourt river.   The local French commander takes the challenge & the forces meet just over the border.

We fought this one out again using DBN.  Yours truly took the Brunswick/Nassau forces.  These were made up of mainly 'Militia' class troops, this would give a big advantage in numbers.  Spav took ze French, made up of  'Average' class troops.  Another meeting engagement, both sides having one Horse Artillery Battery as well.  The Special ADC rules was used for both sides.

The battlefield

French Light Infantry race for the woods

A French mixed force heads for the road junction

Skirmish in the woods

Brunswickers advance slowly up the road

The French hold a strong position

The Allied Jagers are soon shot up... 

Lancers!!! Ohlay!!!

French Infantry shoot up the Brunswick column.

Another round & in go the lads!

Nassau Infantry advance

More Brunswick Cavalry join the fight

A poor show for the Brunswickers & they retreat

The Allied Jagers are destroyed

The French Lancers are victorious

It's all one way, more Brunswickers bite the dust...

The Brunswick Horse Artillery is deployed...
It forces the French Lancers to withdraw. 

Pressure begins to take its toll on the French Line

It's a stalemate across the Battlefield

The French Light Infantry were a rock.


...and again.

It's not my day, the Lords of Fate aren't shining down on me....

Now it's the turn of the Cavalry...


On the northern flank, the Nassau's go forward again...

Spav takes the initiative & launches a French attack.

However with the Brunswick Light Infantry holding the wood
the attack fizzles out.

I curse my earlier deployment.  I must regroup the Allied troops.

Another Allied attack!

This time, take the Church & smash the French line

A mighty Allied Column advances

Better odds this time.....

At Last!
The Nassau's attack the wood again... WHY WHY WHY!!!

However the French counter attack on the church goes in.

But it is beaten back with high casualties

Huzzah!!  Forward go the Allied Cavalry

Those pesky French Light Infantry


The combat roll is tied, but the French are destroyed.

I'll target the French Artillery now

A consolation

Another casualty... Boo HOO!
Victory for the French

French ADC Colonel Baguette is smiling again..
AAaargghh! Spav wins our great debate over quality versus quantity in the DBN world.  In the end it was a close game victory points wise, with the French edging it.  I got sidelined with destroying the French Light Infantry & took a large amount of casualties with no result.  Both sides benefited from Light Infantry holding key points, though I would say using 2 elements for the task, was the key.

The posts are very thin at the moment.  I've been struck down with a dodgy back injury, so painting/gaming has taken a back seat.  Recovery is slow going at the moment, I've even taken up Yoga in an effort to get back on track.  MrF doing 'Downward Facing Dog is not a pretty!!!!


Phil said...

Nicely done, an epic and colorful report...hope you'll get better soon!

Stephen Smith said...

Another great game with lots of colour a real hard fight

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers Fellas

It was an interesting game & answered a few queries on troop types. It looks good for planning our Quatre Bras re-fight.

All the Best