Sunday, 14 March 2010

DBACW Battle of Kernstown Part 2

Part 2 of our epic clash, Jack took command of the Union forces & yours truly the Confederates.  Both sides had three Infantry Brigades, however the Union artillery were massed under a separate Brigade, whereas the Rebs had their Artillery distributed.  To win the battle, the Confederates had to capture the hill held by Baum's Brigade, otherwise the Union side would come up trumps.  The battle would be timed, about twenty turns.  Each turn would be approximately 20 'real' minutes on the battlefield.

The Rebs main force would be the Stonewall Brigade heading straight for 'the hill'.  On the left, was Fulkerson's small Brigade, who would fight a holding action.  The other two Reb Brigades would try to lure away the bulk of the Union army.  Would Jack's Yankees take the bait...?

Initial Set-up and plan of attacks.

The Stonewall Brigade hurry along..

Burk's Brigade & Ashby's Horse Artillery prepare.

'Get that Artillery ready!!!'


Ashby's Horse Arty gets stuck in...

Tyler's Union Brigade starts to form up.

Burk's Brigade wates no time & it's a poor show for Jack's troops.

The Reb Cavalry arrives & helps out.
(we use small stones to act as casualty markers)

Jack's reinforcemants arrive, but he diverts them to help out the flagging Union Brigade.

Tyler's Brigade is formed up & the attack begins.

Overview, it's going well for the Rebs, most of the Union troops are on the right.

Wahay.....  Nice Battlefield.

Some of the Stonewall Brigade's Arty helps out on the left.

Union forces form up to stop the Rebs.  On the Right the Union Cavalry arrive.

The Union commander leads the attack (Big circular base).

The Stonewall Brigade close the distance!

After action thoughts.... What's for supper?

On the left, what a nice target...

The Union artillery is pants & the rifles of the Rebs take their toll.

View from the right, come on the Rebs.....

The Union forces advance on Burk's Brigade.

The Union Cavalry dismount & form up.

'BOOM!'  Can the Union Arty stop the Stonewall Brigade???

It's going well for the Rebs, Jack's Union forces have got bogged down.  Can he turn it around OR will the Stonewall Brigade be blown away in a whiff of grapeshot????


Peeler said...

Just had a good read through MrF, quality posts as ever. The game looks good and enjoyable, look forward to the next installment!

Anonymous said...

Super stuff and another good read. Plenty of action & I look forward to more Mr F.
C'mon you rebs, give 'em the bayonet!