Sunday, 6 April 2008

DBA 1500-1900 Polish vs Protestant German

A nice little clash from the Thirty Years War, the mighty Polish versus a Protestant German force. Jack would take the Polish & I the Germans.

54b Polish, 1576-1670.
1x3Kn, 2x3Cv, 1x3Dr, 1x2LH, WWg, 1x2LH, 2x4Sh, 2x4Pk, 1x4Bd

42b German/Danish, 1618-1648.
1x4Pi, 1x3Dr, 1x4Pi, 4x4Pk, 4x4Sh, 1xArt.

Initial Set up, Polish forces on the left

German Pistols Advance.

Straight into the action, I send a Pike ahead to block the road... Very foolish!

Jacks Cavalry swings out to the flank. His War Wagon & General wait patiently.

Polish Blades make short work of the German Pike

In the woods, Dragoons skirmish away. German Pistols match up against Winged Hussars (Kn) & the War Wagon. While the Infantry line up to slog it out.

'HAAAALT!' German Pike & Shot get ready for Polish Cavalry & Light Horse

Scratch the German Dragoons!!

The German Pike & Shot Line up, while I send a Shot element to take the village.

It's a bit of a mess with the infantry, somehow we both manage to get a unit each out of position. Polish Blades charge the Pike, while a German Shot is too far ahead.

The main scrap is about to begin, the Poles lose a Pike to the German Guns

Polish Dragoons peek out across the battlefield.

The other flank, Polish Cavalry take on Pike & Shot

Oh dear it's 2-1 to Jack & I've got a Shot element in a bad position.

View from behind the Polish Cavalry. Meanwhile the Germans lose a Shot element in the middle

The Poles win the battle for the village, but in the centre we both lose a Pike element each. That's a win for Hetman Jack & the Poles, 4 to 2! Final positions below...

Oh... Where did it go wrong? Too many elements stuck on the road & I couldn't manoeuvre. Jacks laughing..! He picks up a Light Horse element from the side of the table, he had forgotten to place it at the start. So not only as he beat me, he's done it with 11 elements & he lets me know about it. Aaarrggh the shame!!!!

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