Saturday, 18 March 2017

DBN Dutch Belgium Army 1815

The mighty Dutch Belgium Army of 1815 led by the fearless Prince of Orange!  A mixture of numerous figure manufacturers.  Enough troops to make up 11 'big base' elements  (4 normal bases to 1 DBN element).  The vast majority of theses troops will be classed as 'Militia' in DBN.

Light Troops

Nassau Troops

A lot of these were left over AB Minis

The Mighty Prince of Orange (AB Minis)

Dutch Regular & Militia Troops

Dutch Horse Artillery

Dutch Foot Artillery

Dutch Light Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry (Lancashire Games)

The full army deployed to repel any invader..

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

DBN French Imperial Guard

I tried to stay away from them, but once you paint a base, you're hooked.  French Imperial Guard for DBN.  Though I have no idea how they will ALL get on the wargames table at once.  They have took a long time to build, slowly adding figures here & there.



AAhhh Imperial Guard Cavalry

Dutch Lancers


Chasseurs a Cheval, Mamelukes, Gendarmes & Berg Lancers

Young Guard Voltigeurs

both Line & Light Infantry bases

Young Guard Tirailleurs 

Essex Minis, they have a stocky appearance

...looks like they have been down the gym 'Pumping Iron'