Sunday, 21 December 2014

DBA 3.0 IV/35 Mongol Conquest 1205AD - 1266AD

The new rules must make the Mongol Conquest (& other steppe armies) a lot more potent.  The list itself gives more options, with a possible 6 Cavalry & 6 Light Horse.  If anyone has played a few games with the Mongol Horde then leave some comments.

This lot are a mix of different figure manufacturers.  The last option allows 3 x Cv or Lh from vassal subjects.  This army had strong bias to the Seljuk Turks.

DBA 3.0 IV/35 Mongol Conquest
1x3Cv(G), 2x3Cv or 2Lh, 5x2Lh, 1x2Lh or Art, 3x3Cv or 2Lh  

Monday, 8 December 2014

DBA 3.0 II/56 Early Imperial Romans

The DBA 3.0 Army Lists brought a few changes, a noticeable one to the Early Imperial Romans.   There is space now for a lot more options.  Gladiators, Lancers, Warband & now Camels...
We have shed loads of Romans, enough for two BBDBA Armies.  However we all have to cut down, austerity is here after all....zzz   I'll be putting two of them up for sale on EBAY, along with the extra elements for DBA 3.0

II/56 Early Imperial Romans
1x3Cv or 4Bd(Gen), 1x3Cv, 4x4Bd, 3x4Ax, 1x3Cv or 4Ax or 4Bw or 2Ps,
1x2Lh or 3Wb or 2Ps or 3Bd, 1x3Kn or 2Lh or Art or 2LCm  

General & Legionaires


Bows, Artillery, Warband & Gladiators


Knights, Light Horse & Light Camels


All the cavalry