Thursday, 5 July 2012

DBN Germany 1813 Figures

Dabbling into DBN & the Peninsular has got my interest perked into Napoleonics again.  The 1813 Germany Campaign being the target.  At last the 6mm Napoleonics were dug out of the attic & I've started to rebase them.  We have tons of the little fellas so they will be based DBN style, with one exception Muskets will be based on 40mmx40mm bases just so we can use them all up.  One base is the equivalent to a Brigade.  Here's the first job lot based, ze French.

Polish Infantry & Foot Artillery

Polish Foot Artillery up close

Polish Lancers

Polish Cuirassiers

Polish Infantry

French Imperial Guard Cavalry & Horse Artillery

Ahhh Lovely just Lovely

Magnificent!! French Heavy Cavalry

Line Dragoons & Carabiniers

Hordes of Cuirassiers

French Light Cavalry

Hussars, Chasseurs & Lancers...

Italian & French Infantry


The Great Bad Man himself....

Marshal Soult



Silent said...

Love your command stands, absolutely beautiful! This whole army is fantastic MrF... and those horses.. And wait, is that piping (!) I see on a gunner's jacket?!

I like this. Where's the like button? like like like.

MrFarrow2U said...

Cheers mate, to be fair, a lot of those figures were painted 20 years ago when I had decent eye sight!! I've tried recently & can get the basic colours on, but failed miserably on those fiddly bits. If It's the figures I think your talking about, the French Imperial Guard horse Gunners were by Irregular. They made it easy by having the braid raised on the casting, very good.

We've finished another battle, the editing is done, I just need to find a spare few hours to stick them on the blog...zzz

Cheers MrF