Monday, 23 November 2009

Crimean War French

Here's our French Army for the Crimean War.  Again put together from a variety of sources, different odds & ends.  It would be nice to add some Cuirassiers and Guard Infantry.  SmoggyCon a Game show in our local town is due this weekend, so we'll be looking for those special extra pieces to finish off a few armies. 

Crimean War French
1 General, 8 x Rifles, 2 x Cavalry, 2 x Artillery

Ze French!


Ground level view of the French

French  Rifles

Foot Artillery & Limbers

The superb Chasseur d'Afrique Cavalry.

French Line Infantry


Steve Turner said...

Not my period Mr F, but I love the figures. Can you give us a little info about them please?
What is the scale? (15mm?) And who makes them?


MrFarrow2U said...

Now Steve

They're 15mm, the vast majority are Napoleonics, Essex, Dixon Minifigs aith a few unknowns.

At the Smoggycon show, I've picked up some painted Cuirassiers and Imperial Guard figures.