Wednesday, 13 January 2010

DBC British Army 1879

Here's our Zulu War British, De Bellis Colonial style.  Could also be used for the first rumble with the Boers as well.  Looking at the army lists, looks like we should of added another Native Shooter to make the Army 'legal'.  Extra additions to the Army can be Boers in the form of Mounted Skirmishers and Elite Rifles.

Zulu War British 1879
4-6 Rifles, 0-2 Rifles(Elite), 2-4 Native Shooters(Poor), 0-2 Skirmishers,
0-1 Mounted Skirmishers(Boers), 0-1 Cavalry, 1-2 Light Horse, 0-2 Artillery

A British column ready to conquer the Zulu for Victoria!

Cavalry, Rifles, Skirmishers, Shooters and Artillery.

...and again but with Light Horse.

The splendid chaps

British Skirmishers

The rank & file.

Lancers and Mounted Coppers.

Artillery and a lovely Gatling Gun.

British Camp elements.

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Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

As the Colonial period is one of my favourites, I have enjoyed seeing the images of your British and Zulu armies. I am now looking forward to seeing them in action.

All the best,

Bob Cordery