Sunday, 23 March 2008

DBA Samurai vs Samurai

WWWWAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhh!!!!!!!!! Samurai Time!

The second game Jack & I had the other night, this time two mighty Samurai Armies.
We used the DBA 1500-1900 Extension List for this one, as it had more Cavalry options.
All the minis had flags from the brill Warflag site, one side would be the Takeda & the other the Uesugi.

83 Japanese, 1543-1615.
2x3Cv/4Bd, 2x3Cv/4Bd/4Lb, 4x4Sh or 4Aux, 2x4Sh or 2x3Bd , 2x4Aux or 4Lb.

A bit more terrain than normal, we set up a hill, two forests & two rice paddies. Jack was the attacker & his die roll gave him the paddy field side. This led him to 'umm & aarr' a bit over where his troops would be placed.

My troops on the left, Jacks on the right.

Foot troops on the hill with the Samurai Lord in the middle, Cavalry on the flank.

Jacks Samurai Cavalry would match up against mine, his General taking the lead

Samurai Camps

Jack plunged for a 'mass' of warriors & moved them quickly at the start through the gap in the rice fields.

View from behind my lines

Jack sees an opening & sends a Cavalry element off on its own.

My left flank, Cavalry clash coming up. I send a sneaky Ashigaru Auxilia around the flank.

I've got elements in support, advantage to Dad.

Ashigaru hang back on my right flank to counter his Cavalry.

The lines take shape, Jack spends an eternity getting his ready.

Lance, sword & bow in action as the Samurai on horseback clash...

He's still tweaking his battle line.......zzzzzz

Out from the woods a lone Ashigaru charges & out flanks the Samurai.
But he's not needed, good dice & I double Jacks score, wipe one Samurai Cavalry!

I'm winning, I'll play Jacks game & match his line.

Jack senses the danger, he backs up the Cavalry.

Are we ready yet....... CHARGE!!!!

He tries to send his Cavalry around the flank again....
Jack is obsessed with capturing enemy camps!

I send out a Ashigaru Auxilia to ZOC his Cavalry.

The Main lines Charge home!

He's running out of Battlefield!

Another Samurai cavalry goes down, EASY EASY EASY!!!

This is the longest Charge in history........

At last, we start the main scrap, but I'm getting too confident.

The most cowardly Samurai Lord ever......

Oh dear the dice rolls turn, Jack wins a few combats.

The 'Dice Gods' shine down & abandon Jack in his hour of need. I win through at the end!

HA HA!! The view from Jacks Samurai Lord!!!

Great fight, the Samurai do look very impressive. Jack wants another fight, but we'll have to leave his revenge for a later date. We don't agree on were it all went wrong, I thought Jack took too long setting up & he didn't use his Auxilia very well. However we do agree that we'll have a BBDBA Samurai clash in the near future!!


Dalauppror said...

Lovley ARR. Realy inspiring. Want to have my own samurai army:)
Best regards Dalauppror

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Mate!

They do look good. Well worth the effort with all those fiddly back banners!!


itchysama said...

Very Cool! What scale and figures are you using? Also, what are you using for your terrain gaming board? It looks really great!!

mrfarrow2u said...

Cheers Itchy!

All our figures are 15mm, the Samurai are a mixture of Two Dragons & Essex Minis. The board is a static grass mat glued to the super size 30x30 board. Trees & hills are home made. The paddy fields are home made too, a drinks coaster with some milliput borders & Poly varnish for muddy water.
All the Best

mrfarrow2u said...

Just an update, I've looked at the figures & the vast majority are Two Dragons.

Cheers MrF