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Basic Impetus2 - 3.2 Macedonians of Philip and Alexander 356-331 BC

Here is the Macedonian Army of King Philip, Alexander on his horse leading the cavalry.  A bit light weight in my opinion after putting them up against the 'Hoplite heavy' Athenians.  This is one army that has a 'special' option, by choosing 'Alexander' you are allowed a cohesion re-roll for the Cavalry unit he leads.

3.2 Macedonians of Philip and Alexander 356-331 BC

Hetairoi                                        1xCP2* VBU=6, I=3, VD=3
Greek or Thessalian cavalry        1xCM VBU=5, I=2, VD=2
Thracian light cavalry                  1xCL VBU=4, I=1, VD=2, Javelin
Pezetairoi                                     4xFP* VBU=4, I=1, VD=2, Pike
Greek allied hoplites                    1xFP VBU=4, I=2, VD=2, Long spear
Greek allied peltasts                     1xFL VBU=4, I=1, VD=2, Javelin
Thracian or Illyrian javelinmen   1xS VBU=2, I=0, VD=1, Javelin
Macedonian archers                     1xS VBU=2, I=0, VD=1, Short bow B

1st option: change 1 CL and 1 Hoplite FP or 1 FL and 1 Hoplite FP with Hypaspists 1xFP* VBU=5, I=2, VD=3, Pike/L. spear Agrianian javelinmen 1xS VBU=3, I=0, VD=1, Javelin.

2nd option: change 1 Pezetairoi with Greek or Thessalian cavalry 1xCM VBU=5, I=2, VD=2
OR with Prodromoi 1xCL VBU=4, I=3, VD=2 and 1 initiative reroll.

3rd option: change 1 CM with Alexander
Special Rule: Alexander. If Alexander is deployed the Unit that includes him can re-roll the “6” on Cohesion Test (once per test). Alexander must be with the Hetairoi Unit.

4th option: Change 1 S with 2 initiative rerolls FP can form Large Units. Hyspaspists can be the front frank of a Large Unit if with Pike, otherwise count them as Spearmen

light Cavalry, Skirmishers, Pike & Cavalry. 

Hoplites, Peltasts, Skirmishers & Cavalry

Light Cavalry (mainly Essex minis)

Alexander leading the Cavalry (mainly Xyston)

Sturdy Allied Hoplites

MACEDON! MACEDON!  The fearsome Phalanx.....

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